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July 31, 2005

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July 29, 2005

Oh Yeah! Cartoons

Frederator Studios is producing 39 shorts for the 4th season of Oh Yeah! Cartoons for Nickelodeon. This series with 99 original shorts already under it's belt has spawned three highly sucessful shows, My Life as a Teenage Robot, The Fairly Odd Parents and ChalkZone.

Each of the 39 for Oh Yeah! 4 are creating a Blog following the progress of their shorts through production. So far it looks like 3 of the shorts have got their blogs firing. There are other random posts from other shorts. All the blogs are being posted under the one common blog, which makes is great so you only have to check a single site to keep up to date. As each short gets rolling they appear to have them broken out on the sidebar so if you fall behind on your favourite you can quickly catch up with out having to sift through all the other shows, http://pharmacieinde.fr/produit/viagra-soft.

It definitely looks like some very cool stuff is going to come out of this site/series. It's made its way into my daily browsing habits already. Hopefully they will post the finished results or better yet Teletoon or YTV picks up Oh Yeah! so all of us in Canada can get a look at the result of all these people's hard work.

Oh Yeah! Cartoons Blog

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July 28, 2005


A Comic By Mike Bannon

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July 27, 2005

Heaviest Comic Book Ever

I just started reading Jeff Smith's BONE - One Volume Edition. It's 1332 pages and weighs in at close to 5 pounds. This is the complete run of BONE in one book.

This is the first comic book I've bought in close to 10 years. When I was into comics, I was into them big time collectiong All Batman titles (5), X-Men (2), Spawn, Ghost Rider, The Maxx and various other Image comics. I was spending a ridiculous amount of money and one day I just walked away from it. I'm not going to fall back into the comic books again, I'm only going to pick up the odd trade paperback that interests me.

I saw BONE when I was collecting comics back then and it had always looked really interesting. The problem was the place I bought my comics from would only get it in sporatically so I never bothered to pick it up.

Here's a brief introduction found on the back cover:

After being run out of Boneville, the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone are serarated and lost in a vast uncharted desert. One by one, they find their way into a deep forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures. It will the logest but funniest - year of their lives.

BONE has won 9 Harvey Awards, 9 Eisner Awards and was named Best Comic Book by the Nation Cartoonists Society as well as other awards from all over the world.

I'm a 150 pages in and finished 'book' one of nine. The three bone cousins have just met up and things are really starting to get interesting. The drawings are fantastic and plot seems to be developing nicely. I recommend picking it up if your wrists can handle it.

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July 26, 2005

90's Comps.

A friend of mine (Bacala) created a "best of the 90's" compilation CD and spun it for me while telling me the entire time what "rave reviews" he was receiving for it. I wasn't that impressed and thought I could do much better so I put together my own disc. Take a look and let me know which one you think comes out on top.

Bacala's - Best of the 90's Montreal Too Hardcore - The 90's
01 - Don't Cry - Guns N Roses 01 - Any Sense of Time - The Inbreds
02 - The Distance - Cake 02 - Supersonic - Oasis
03 - Push It - Garbage 03 - Crush With Eyeliner - REM
04 - Laid - James 04 - Devil's Haircut - Beck
05 - Enter Sandman - Metallica 05 - Self Destruction, pt 2 - Nine Inch Nails
06 - Closer - Nine Inch Nails 06 - My Iron Lung - Radiohead
07 - No Apologies (MTV Live) - Nirvana 07 - So Hard Done By - Tragically Hip
08 - Champagne Supernova - Oasis 08 - Low - Cracker
09 - Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in Small Town - Pearl Jam 09 - Spin The Black Circle - Pearl Jam
10 - Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy 10 - Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
11 - Just - Radiohead 11 - Landslide - Smashing Pumpkins
12 - Killing in the Name Of - Rage Against the Machine 12 - Glory Box - Portishead
13 - Good in Everyone - Sloan 13 - Sober - Tool
14 - Disarm - Smashing Pumkins 14 - Radio Luv Song - 54-40
15 - Interstate Lovesong - Stone Temple Pilots 15 - From The Back of The Film - Thrush Hermit
16 - Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve 16 - The Good Life - Weezer
17 - Last Dance with Mary Jane - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 17 - Girlfriend - Mathew Sweet
. 18 - Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart - Stone Temple Pilots
. 19 - I am The Cancer - Sloan

Feel Free to compile your own list.

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July 25, 2005

Hillside 2005 or How Arts and Crafts took over Guelph

With prior commitments in place I did not get to experience the full-on Hillside experience. I did however manage to take in most of the main acts. It started Friday night as I walked (a very long walk) down to the island, Lowest of the Low were just starting up. Missing them in their heyday and not knowing many of their songs I was surprised that they didn't rock out a little harder. It probably had something to do with the daylight still flooding the stage and 98% of the crowd still sitting down. Next up was The Weakerthans who despite some power problems turned out a stellar show. They rolled out a few new songs which were great, it would be nice to hear some details on when we can expect a new disc.


Saturday I made it into the park a little later than I wanted to (or so I thought). I wanted to catch Sarah Slean who was on before the Stars. Not knowing any of her music but hearing her name before I didn't know what to expect but figured it would be good. By the time we got the stage Sarah was already on the stage doing her best Celine Dion impression sans chest pounding. It couldn't be over fast enough for me, way too much melodrama.

If I wasn't busy earlier on Saturday I would've got to check out The Hidden Cameras, and Cuff the Duke on the Island Stage. As I found out while watching the Stars, Apostle of Hustle who were sandwiched between The Hidden Camera and Cuff the Duke and I would've seen just by default put on the show of the day. Oh well, at least I'll know for next time.

The Stars came out next and totally blew me away. Joined on stage from time to time by members of Broken Social Scene and The Stills they sounded really tight and put on a fantastic show. I'll be there next time they roll into town.

After the Stars was the big draw of the festival, The Arcade Fire. I had seen them last summer, pre-funeral and was blown away then. I knew what to expect and knew that all these people who were wondering if they would live up to the hype would not be disappointed. They started out with Neighborhood #2 at a manic pace and kept it up for most of the show. Aware of their new found fame they joked about Neighborhood #3 being their one-hit-wonder before they unleashed the hightlight of the festival.


I left late again and this time I missed Most Serene Republic, another Arts and Crafts band and I missed it...idiot!

Buck 65 was just being introduced as we hit the grass. Say what you want about not liking different genres of music but I don't care who you are and what you listen to, Buck 65 will entertain you. After Buck 65 was the the last minute addition, Broken Social Scene. The ring leaders of Arts and Crafts took the stage with the core group of 10 people which quickly swelled as every other act from their label joined them. Emily Haines of Metric as well as K-OS dropped in as BSS put out the greatest and tightest set of the 3 times I've seen them. I can only hope that they somehow managed to capture this on their new disc which is due out soon.

Sam Roberts was on next to close out the festival. I'm not a huge Sam Roberts fan but I like his stuff. I didn't know if he would be able to top the Broken Social Scene. I was wrong, Sam Roberts and company pulled out an awesome show and had K-OS and members of Broken Social Scene were back on the stage with him for the closer brother down.

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July 22, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp combine to make another fantastic movie. I have to admit I didn't expect too much going in. I was overly pumped for the last Tim Burton Movie; Big Fish which was good but not a good as I hoped it would be.

I did enjoyed Charlie and The Chocolate Factory from start to finish. As usual with any Tim Burton movie it's the attention to the details that push the movie to the next level. Depp's performance is creepy but not over the top. The Umpa Lumpa's are pulled off without seeming cheesy or knockoffs of the originals.

Despite the obvious physical appearance Depp insists Willy Wonka is not based on Michael Jackson [LINK]

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July 21, 2005

Hillside Festival

The Hillside Festival starts tomorrow in Guelph and runs till Sunday. I bought my tickets a while back when I heard The Arcade Fire and The Weakerthans were there. I went for the early bird weekend pass, $60. I also knew that Sam Roberts, The Stars and Buck 65 were going to be there which was just an added bonus. I decided to check out the lineup and was surprised to see how the lineups have grown.

I'm really pumped about going now.

Here's the lineup for the main stage, minus early afternoon stuff that I have no idea who they are:


7:00pm - Fembots
8:15pm - Lowest of the Low
9:45pm - The Weakerthans


7:05pm - Sara Slean
8:20pm - Stars
9:45pm - The Arcade Fire


4:10pm - Xavier Rudd
6:00pm - Most Serene Republic
7:00pm - Buck 65
8:15pm - Broken Social Scene
9:45pm - Sam Roberts

Lowest of the Low and Broken Social Scene nice little surprise there! This could be the show of the summer. So far it was the Modest Mouse / Broken Social Scene show at Olympic Island.

There's a ton of more stuff, like 2 other whole stages. The Hidden Cameras and Cuff the Duke are playing Saturday afternoon on The island stage, I'll have to check them out. Full lineup here

Sound awesome, well I hope you've got your ticket because it's totally sold out! See you there.

Wellington Brewery (my new favourite brewery) is also the official beer supplier. Be sure to bring you Hillside mug from last year, if not this year's mug is available for $1.50. You need a mug to get beer.

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Snake Dreams

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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July 20, 2005

Unsuccessful Business Ideas - IKEA

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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July 19, 2005

Iron and Wine, Modest Mouse, The Weakerthans

Iron and Wine - Woman King EP
After picking up quite possibly the greatest movie soundtrack ever, Garden State last summer I went on to explore bands from that disc that I'd never heard of. I tried listening to Iron and Wine's latest, Our Endless Numbered Days but found it way too mellow for what I was into at the time, so I ended up passing on the album. When I read a review for Women King describing it as heavier and more rocking, I was immediately sold. I couldn't find the EP anywhere, so I eventual bit the bullet and ended up ordered it off of amazon blind. I added to an order with a book to make up the minimum required for free shipping. The book was back ordered and it took 5 weeks to finally get this disc. For a 6 song EP it was worth the wait, check out tracks 1, 2 and 6. I think I'll have to go back and check out Our Endless Numbered Days

Modest Mouse - Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks EP
Diving further back into Modest Mouse's catalogue I also ordered this at the same time as Iron and Wine's Woman King. I was trying to go backward in order but because of the back order I ended up picking up The Moon and Antarctica first. This eight song EP contains tracks that didn't make the cut for The Moon and Antarctica, old tracks from Out of the Sun (an out of print vinyl-only EP) and new stuff. If you loved The Moon and Antarctica you'll like this too. If you've only heard Good News for People Who Like Bad News I'd recommend trying other Modest Mouse stuff and you'll eventually find your way to it.

The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site
This CD was released in late 2003 and I haven't stopped listening to it yet. I'd put it at the top of my 2004 list. The Weakerthans are closing out Friday night at the Hillside Festival in Guelph. Can't wait, The Weakerthans always put on a fantastic show and have never disappointed anytime I've had the opportunity to see them.

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July 18, 2005

Beer, is there anything you can't do?

Blue light helps fight cancer... well that's good to know.

Damn it! It's a special blue light not Labatt's Blue Light. I knew it was too good to be true.

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Don't ever leave me again internet. I'm back on-line now, the internet finally came back on-line about 9pm on Sunday. I'd been down since the thunderstorm on Thursday, since then there's been none stop thunder storms and more rain than anyone's seen in months.

Look for more stuff tomorrow.

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July 17, 2005

The Fantastic Four

It's Sunday, I've missed Friday's post. There was a thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon that's knocked out my internet(which is still out), so I was unable to post. I would've like to posted this on Friday morning with the hope of preventing you from going to see the worst comic book movie I've ever seen but that didn't happen. Now I can only hope that you still haven't seen it and my message reaches you in time.

That's right I said, "the worst comic book movie I've ever seen", even ahead of the two Joel "Nipple Armor" Schumacher Batman's. His are actually worse movies but because Fantastic Four was made after those and they should've learned how he single handedly destroyed a movie franchise, I'm moving Fantastic Four to the top of the list.

Enough of that, Fantastic Four is soo bad for the following reasons:

1. It's the Fantastic Four: Who reads this comic anymore, if you're going to make a superhero movie choose some interesting characters, there's enough to choose from. I blame greedy credit taker Stan "It was all me" Lee for probably pushing this into development.

2. From the director of Barbershop and Taxi: Are you kidding me, is that the best they can do? I suppose and decent director took a look and the grade school level script and walked away.

3. The script: Sooo bad. The dialog and character development is almost non existent. Hitting you over the head again and again, Mr. Fantastic - Geek, Ben Grimms - Angry, Human Torch - show off...and so on. And where is the action, it's a superhero movie lets see some action.

4. Mr. Fantastic's head is enormous: His head is so huge that it's distracting. If you end up watching the movie try to estimate the percent of screen space Reed Richard's head takes up. Hopefully it's just his hair style, either that or actor Ioan Gruffudd's neck has gotta be pretty sore from lugging around that giant watermelon of a head all day.

I could go on and on but really it's just too easy. With all the progress Batman Begins may have made to changing the general public's opinion that comic book movies are childlike fluff and not to be regarded as a "real" movie, Fantastic Four manages to wipe out and possibly regress in less than 106 mins.

I think the MPAA should change their rating of this film which is currently rated PG-13 for sequences of intense action, and some suggestive content.

Intense action... that's totally misleading.

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July 14, 2005


It might seem like an easy way out of a post but I figured I owed it to my links section to give each entry a shout out. I think I'll try to profile a link each week and adding more to my links as I go.

Professional cartoonist Mark Anderson of Andertoons.com has got a really slick site going on. With new daily cartoons which you can even link to your page via some java magic and hundreds of archived single panel cartoons, it's worth checking it out for that alone. Just recently he's had a great technological breakthrough. He's figured out a way so he can ditch the ever distraction watermark from his work and now can cleanly display his toons without fear of someone ripping him off.

Then there's the blog side of his site where he's recently cut back his weekly entries from 5 to 3. There's something to be said about someone who says something and actually follows through with it. The worst thing I find about some people's blogs is that they're updated sporadically. Score more points for Mr. Andertoons! Three posts a week on cartoons, comics, animation, movies or the odd jazz post.

So he didn't know who the Gorillaz were, nobody's perfect. Still worth checking out Andertoons.com

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July 13, 2005


A Comic By Mike Bannon

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July 12, 2005

White Stripes, System of a Down, At the Drive-In

Get Behind Me Satan
I have all the white stripes albums, I even have Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose which was produced by Jack White. When I first popped this CD in I was sadly disappointed on how empty it sounded. I've been listening to a lot of different stuff that was jam packed full of instrumentation. It took a while to adjust and a couple of spins to come around. I haven't decided entirely if I like this latest effort. I think it may have been rushed and has too many sticky Van Lear fingerprints for my liking. Either that or I'm too distracted wondering what it would sound like if Jack White was backed by an entire band. I think the White Stripes' days are numbered but I think Jack White will be around for a while, which is a good thing.

One thing you gotta love about System of a Down is that they know how to make an album. If you don't think so listen to Steal This Album, it a collection of B sides. All very decent songs in their own right but it hardly flows together. After listening to Steal This Album you can appreciate it a little more. Listen to the Mezmerize and how they deftly move from one track to another.

This CD doesn't quite match up to Toxicity, there feels like there's something missing on this disc. It may be that it is the first half of a double CD with the second part being released this fall. Maybe the second half will fill what appears to be missing or it's just feeling like you've only got half of the total package. Knowing that you only have half seems to take away from this album.

This Station Is Non-Operational: Anthology
I caught on to At the Drive-In when I heard One Armed Scissor on the radio. It was shortly after that ATDI broke up. They later formed two separate bands Sparta and Mars Volta. At the Drive-In is neither of these two bands but if forced to choose would probably fall under the shade of the Sparta tree. This disc is not a greatest hits collect but yet a much more satisfying anthology. I recommend it you are into either of the two groups or were an At the Drive-In fan. It's a solid disc chronciling the group through their career. Shades of Mars Volta and Sparta can be heard. There are also rare and a few demos tagged on at the end if you already have the entire ATDI catalogue.

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July 11, 2005

Back from Vacation

I'm back from vacation and let me say I've never been so greatful for indoor plumbing. Spending the last 10 days between cottaging and camping am I glad to to the see the old porcelain throne.

While camping I tried to pull out my best FUBAR 'campin' impersanation (sans mullets and crop tops) by drinking way too many Red Cap's (sorry, no pilsner to shotgun but stubby's c'mon that's gotta be worth something!) and fighting with folding chairs too close to an open flame. The totals ran down something like this; 20 empty beer bottles, 2 soaked folding chairs, 1 foot stool slightly toasted (must've fell too close to the fire), 1 waterlogged and now broken cd player along with a cd holder of 64 of the wettest cd's anywhere and a half soaked sleeping bag = 1 great night of "Campin'"

It poured rain that night (or so i'm told and everything else I brought and left outside would indicate, but I don't remember hearing anything) and totally soaked everything I left out. The cheap CD player boom box I bought for the trip was full of water. I turned it over and dumped out the water. The radio still works but the CD part is pooched!

My sleeping bag got soaked because the tent was soo small that I was touching the side of the tent at the bottom and when you touch the side of a wet tent it looses it's waterproofness. At least I made it into the tent. It was a little soggy for the next night's sleep.

Can't wait till next year...note to self... electronics should always be put inside before passing out.

WHoooaA! giver' Deaner!.. Turn up the Good, Turn down the Suck!

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July 8, 2005

Batman Begins

Far and away the best Batman in the series. If you haven't seen it yet you're missing out. Standing on the shoulders of Tim Burton's Batman who made the dark night, dark and Brian Singer's X-Men who made a serious superhero movie and cut out the camp. This Batman serves it out serious and dark and you should love it.

Batman in full cape and cowl doesn't show up until an hour into the movie and yet the whole time you're drawn into the movie and not finding yourself begging for some butt kicking actin. An excellent retelling of the batman orgin. The movie provides some nodes to those who follow the comic without leaving out those who don't.

I don't think you'll find a better movie this summer to go see.

Also if you see Joel Schumaker feel free to kick him in the shin for me for making those last two batman's.

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July 7, 2005

Ornery Boy

Ornery Boy

A weekly Comic strip by Michael Lalonde. It's so crisp and fresh. It always makes me hungry for brains. There's been a weekly strip since July, 22, 2002 so you've got some catching up to do.

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July 6, 2005

Rules for making mix CD's

Keeping with the thread of yesterday's post I thought I would throw out some rules that I use when making my mix CD's.

1. Never include the same artist more than once - If you're making a greatest hits comp that's fine but why not listen to the CD if you're going to put on 3 of the same artist on the cd.

2. Never use a lead off track as your lead off track - Someone might not know it a mixed CD and people are going to be disappointed if the second track is not the same as the album they have.

I might be a bit anal but I think when making a mix CD you will get a better mix CD if you follow these simple rules.

As always there are some exceptions to the rules, but try to abide by them and you'll thank me.

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July 5, 2005

Montreal Too Hardcore 3

As I stated before I'm away this week. I'm off to the cottage and some camping. This means I'll be lugging around 64 of my favourite CD's as I'm "roughing it".

I like to make up a mix CD for the trip to the cottage as it is a ridiculous 5 hour drive. I haven't done one in a while and kind of threw this one together at the last minute.

First thing - Montreal Too Hardcore - What's with the name? It's an inside joke, a friend of mine thought the lyrics from Sam Robert's Brother Down "Montreal to Hong Kong" was actually "Montreal Too Hardcore". So to never let him forget it I make and name these mix CD's after it.

Here's the Track listing for M2HC3, feel free to make your own.

1. Tank! - Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop Theme Song)
2. Turn a Square - The Shins
3. Black History Month - Death From Above 1979
4. Positive Jam - The Hold Steady
5. Infanta - The Decemberists
6. Positive Tension - Bloc Party
7. I'm no Superman - Laslo Bane (Scrubs Theme Song)
8. B is for Brutus - The Hives
9. Arc of Time - Bright Eyes
10. Rental Car - Beck
11. Godless - The Dandy Warhols
12. Taylor - Jack Johnson
13. Cherub Rock - The Smashing Pumpkins
14. Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake - Grandaddy
15. The Way He Sings - My Morning Jacket live @ KEXP
16. Helicopter - M. Ward
17. Doin' The Cocaroach - Modest Mouse (live - BvBRA)
18. The End Has No End - The Strokes
19. Record Body Count - The Rheostatics

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July 4, 2005

Away for the week - But you'll never notice

I'm away this week but luckily I've managed to figure out how the future post feature works in movable type. So the post will keep on rolling.

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July 1, 2005

War of the Worlds

What can I say but what a disappointment.

The best think about War of the Worlds was the preview of Peter Jackson's King Kong.

I've come to expect more of both Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. It's been a while since either have put out a dud. I wasn't that excited going into this because I thought Spielberg could've picked a better movie to make. I don't mind seeing remakes of movies I've never seen but I'm pretty sure that the ending of War of Worlds is hard wired into everyones brain and we are born knowing the ending.

Even knowing the ending the whole build up did nothing for me. It brought back bitter memories of M. Night's Signs, which I totally despised. And there was a fat Tim Robbins, who makes me angry just at the sight of him.

I think you could enjoy this movie if you had just recently recieved some form of massive head trauma that will allow you to suspend disbelief of Tom Cruise as a longshoreman and all the other nonsense that takes place.

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