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October 31, 2005

Sunday Sloth = No post on Monday

Sunday I hit the sofa for an almost unprecedented amount of time, only beaten by a post-news years single sitting of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - extended edition.

I watched 3 episodes of Criminal Minds, not a bad show. I like Mandy Patinkin, and really just checked it out to see if he was as good as he was as Rube in Dead Like Me. It had it's moments but will likely fall into a paint by numbers murder show or become filled with ridiculous puns a-la CSI.

Then it was on to a couple episodes of Surface, this show started off strong but is quickly circling the drain. The only reason to tune in is Lake Bell. Who's really just a better looking version of Amanda Peet.

After that it was on to the Teletoon F-Night where new episodes (new to Canada and not available on DVD from adultswim) of The Brak Show and Harvey Birdman. Also watched Sons of Butcher and Venture Bros.

It was approaching 8pm and since the World Series ended sooner than expected I was getting ready to watch the new Simpsons Tree House of Horrors. Sweet, an actual Simpsons halloween special before Halloween, what a novel concept. But I was let down another batch of reruns.

Kenny vs. Spenny was on at 9:30 and thankfully it was new (and why shouldn't it be..it's not like it's on FOX). Who has the biggest balls? Not literally but who had the most courage. Another solid episode but for the second time during this season the challenge spiraled terribly out of control. But make no mistake still fun to watch.

After that I headed off to the big screen to catch the second movie of the weekend (it's been a while since I've done the double header). I went and saw STAY. A decent movie even though it takes and a little too long to get going and kind of stalls towards the end. Still a decent movie.

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Mordant Singles Archives October 2005

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October 28, 2005

Donato so close

Toronto Sun cartoonist Andy Donato was 1 number away from his cut of 54 million on Wednesday's drawing of the 6/49. He had 42 instead of 43.

So instead of 54 million he gets $1800 for his trouble. It’s nice to see that it hasn’t totally destroyed him as it would to many people I know.

I just started to laugh. I couldn't believe it. I thought, 'How can I be so close to so much money and miss it?,'" Donato said. "It may hit me later and I'll start to cry over it but there's nothing I can do."


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Mmmm…Simulated People Meat - HUFU

I usually don’t stay up to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I usually PVR it and watch it the next day. I saw that Harriet Miers had backed out of her Supreme Court nomination and I wanted to see if the news broke in time for the daily show to tear it to shreds. It did and they as usual did a great job covering it. The bonus was the Samantha Bee interview with Hufu creator Mark Nuckols.

What is Hufu?

Hufu is designed to resemble, as humanly possible, the taste and texture of human flesh. If you've never had human flesh before, think of the taste and texture of beef, except a little sweeter in taste and a little softer in texture. Contrary to popular belief, people do not taste like pork or chicken.

You have to check out this site. It’s for real and it’s so twisted.

Hufu - For that Cannibal in you who's too scared to go out and murder someone and eat their flesh.


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October 27, 2005

Simpsons Mania

This Sunday in Toronto at the Steam Whistle Brewery is Simpsons Mania. Hundreds of pieces of artwork from The Simpsons will be on display and also available to purchase. Director Bob Anderson will also be on hand doing sketches.

Sunday October 30th
12 - 6pm
Steam Whistle Brewing
Free Admission

How sweet would it be to have part of the actual Simpsons hanging up in your house. Anyone want to lend me a few thousand dollars, I'll let you come over and look at whatever I buy anytime you want.


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Soup Sales

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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October 26, 2005

Beware “The Works” Aficionados

I just came back from lunch at the new Wimpy’s Diner in town. I’ve never eaten at a Wimpy’s before but I know they’re famous for their burgers. I ordered the famous 10oz. (a 10 oz. burger is about the size of your hand from palm to finger tip and 3/8" thick.) burger combo. The waitress asked me if I wanted “the works” on my burger, I said sure.

My burger came and “The Works” consisted of relish, mustard, tomatoes, onions and pickles. What the hell is that, it was so sparingly applied it almost looked like a garnish sitting on the bun. I had no trouble flipping the lid on to the burger without losing anything.

If you’re going to use the term “the works” you better put something on the burger that’s going to back it up. For starters how about ketchup and mayonnaise.

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Combo #3 - Take 2

A Comic By Mike Bannon

Alright here we go. I took another stab at yesterday's comic. Hopefully this is a bit funnier, if not who cares...on to the next comic. This joke is too weak to justify anymore time on it.

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October 25, 2005

Hollywood Beggars Arrested

Last month when I was in California we went to Hollywood to see the sites. We walked up and down the walk of fame, saw Grauman’s Chinese Theater and Sony Theater (where the Oscars are now held) and it was a total dump. In front of the theaters there were all kinds of people dressed up in costumes resembling movie characters ranging from pretty decent to that teenager who just throws on a rubber mask and demands candy on halloween. They're essentially just beggars so I was happy to read about this:

A man dressed as the character was one of three impersonators arrested last week for allegedly harassing tourists for tips after posing for photos on Hollywood Boulevard. Booked with him were people impersonating superhero Mr. Incredible and the dark-hooded character from the horror movie “Scream.”

Once they get rid of them all it wil make parents job's a little easier avioding the possiblity of trying to explain to their kids when they see Shrek in the food court taking a smoke break and trying to pick up Cookie Monster.


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Combo #3

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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October 24, 2005

The World Series on Fox

This past weekend the World Series started, I'm not a huge baseball fan but I like to watch at least the World Series.

I know baseball isn't the most exciting game but the graphics and stupid gimmicks FOX piles on top make it almost unwatchable. It approaches videogame-like levels. And everyone knows that there's nothing more entertaining than watching a videogame being played by someone else.

The newest edition that I've seen (keep in mind I hardly watch an baseball...and if I do it's the Bluejays which are never on FOX)is the ridiculous strike zone box they put up on the screen. What the hell good is showing a rectangle on a screen when a ball is moving into the screen, THERE'S NO SENSE OF DEPTH!!! In addition to this in the world series they show you the movement on the ball in a graphics box on the side 2" drop 4" curve. I'm sure that's accurate and who the hell cares.

What really gets me going is all the stupid sound effects going on when stats come up on the screen. It's like watching a power point presentation put together by a bunch of 5 year-olds where every letter is presented with machine gun fire. Ohh that was a fast pitch maybe we should make a roaring sound behind it and a big thud when it hits the catcher's mit. And if that's not enough the pitch speed indicator bursts into flames every time the reliever throws a pitch.

Don't get me started on the constant pop ups advertising shows that are on FOX. I do not watch TBS for this same reason. I don't even like when stations put their watermark logo at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You wonder why people buy DVD's of TV shows, it's because they like watching their shows without constantly being harassed with advertisements.

I don't know about in the States but thankfully in Canada the MLB feed is broadcast on Sportsnet. It's barebones in terms of graphics but it's actually watchable.

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October 21, 2005

I'm gonna bust a cap in that pig's ass

Diane Johnson of Florida found a bullet in her pork loin roast she bought from Publix. It's unclear how the bullet got in the pig or how it wasn't detected before being put on the shelves.

Here's how I think it happened. I'm guessing since pig's are gassed and not shot this rules out a slaughter house stray. The pig was originally from Wisconsin so it's not likely it was victim of a drive by shooting or the work of some bored drunk teens.

That only leaves one possible explanation, botched suicide attempt by the pig. Pigs are very smart and this pig probably had figured out it's final destination long before it was scheduled. Using prize money accumulated by touring the county fair pig racing circuit, the pig was able to purchase a fire arm from a no questions asked gun dealer but lacking opposable thumbs which are essential to operating a fire arm effectively the overall goal resulted in failure with only a minor flesh wound.

But how did the bullet stuffed roast land on the shelves?

All meat is scanned with a metal detector before reaching Publix shelves, said Dwaine Stevens, spokesman for the company in Florida.

I wonder what Publix's metal detectors are set at, that it wouldn't detect a bullet. Comparatively speaking a bullet is a fair size piece of metal in a roast. I'm guessing that they had to turn down the sensitivity because the mercury filled fish kept setting it off.


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October 20, 2005

If you keep doing it, you're going to go blind

Apparently using an impotence drugs such as Viagra can make you go blind.

A small number of people taking the impotence drugs have developed NAION, or non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy, a loss of vision that is frequently irreversible.

Advocacy groups would like to see warning printed in a large black box much like cigarettes warning users of potential side effects.

This article makes no mention of another possible side effect that prolonged use of the impotence drugs will also result in new hair growth on the palms of your hands.


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A Comic By Mike Bannon

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October 19, 2005

Go away Green Day

Can someone please call Green Day and let them know that September has ended and that they can go away now. I've tried to contact them but have had no success.

I absolutely hate this song and I am forced to listen to it at least 5 times a day at work. I've removed all sharp objects in and around my desk for my own protection because everytime I hear that song the urge to hurt myself (mainly driving something into my ear) is becoming stronger and stronger.

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Seniors Day...Hot Damn!

Yesterday as I was sitting outside of Pizzaville in my car eating my lunch and this old man pulled in next to me and got out of his car. The first thing I noticed as he passed in front of my car was that he was wearing trackpants that were at least 5 inches too short. He was heading into M & M's meatshop when he noticed one of the signs in the window. It could've been that the lasagna was on sale for $8.46 or that it was Seniors Day, either way it was call for celebration with a half fist pump like it was his lucky day.

I killed myself laughing.

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October 18, 2005

The Tea Party's over....finally.

Today Jim Morrison umm… sorry I mean Jeff Martin announced that the Tea Party are done. Let me pause for a moment of silence….. yep I was right. It’s faint but if you listen you can hear the sound of no one caring.

The Tea Party may be finished but that's not the end of Jeff Martin. He's got a new acoustic record coming out this winter (pausing again)...yep it sounds slightly different from the sound of “no one cares that you’re breaking up”. It’s a little less faint, it's an actual sucking sound. The sound becomes increasingly louder and louder with each solo release. For example anyone within a ten foot radius of Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins has to shout because the sucking has become so loud.


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My name is Domino Harvey and I'm a giant liar!

In the preview for Domino they inform you that that this movie is based on a true story. In the opening credits of the movie it also states "Based on a true story..." but tagged on is "...sort of". What does that mean?

So far from my movie watching experience I've figured out the following.

- Biography - close as it comes to a true story told based on compiled research.
- Autobiography - what one person wants to you to see of a true story.
- Based on a true story - usually pretty close in terms of key events that take place but additional characters may be added to emphasis the point of the movie and other elements take place that probably didn't happen but the general story is there.
- Inspired by a true story - which in most cases are almost total fabrications and is only mentions "true story" to trick people into seeing it because they can't believe it's true. It was a true story at one time but not interesting enough to make a movie about so they added 90% crap to it and only add the "inspired by" to avoid plagiarism.

I know this, Domino Harvey was a real person who was a model and became a bounty hunter, beyond that I have no idea what else is true about this movie. Does it matter? Not at all.

Tony Scott (Man on Fire) the director pretty much assaults you with every known style of directing. If you do not enjoy heavily stylized movies you will not like this one. In some cases it feels a little forced or over the top but overall it works quite well. I can see this movie being studied in film schools for the styles it uses. Or maybe not, pretenious movie snobs could simply say that it's a hack rip-off of Natural Born Killer and every other Tarintino movie made.

All in all it's a pretty decent story, dragging in some part but has more than a few great moments (a must see for any Christopher Walken fan!) to make up for it, check it out if you're tired of sequels and play-it-safe action movies. This one will definitely give you something to look at.

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Potted Meat

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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October 17, 2005

Mystery Solved

Do you know what this symbol stands for?

Well for the last year and a bit I've been trying to figure out what it is. It's not like you can google something like this, do you type in a desription of what it looks like?(when is google sketch coming).

I kept seeing this image as a decal on rear windows of cars. I later noticed that these car were mostly driven by women. Was it possibly some symbol for lesbians, the new pink triangle? I don't know, I never came across anyone getting into their car that had the logo, so I couldn't ask. I only saw it on parked cars or while driving. I pride myself on my branding knowledge, not nowing what this symbol meant was eating me up inside everytime I saw it.

This past Saturday I finally found out what the damn symobol meant, I saw a girl with the logo on her shirt and right beside it...ROXY. ROXY, c'mon...I can't believe I didn't know that. Roxy is the women's division of QUIKSILVER, who make snowboards as well as clothing.

To add further insult to injury the ROXY logo is actually two QUIKSILVER logos put together. How did I not see this before?

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October 14, 2005

Bill Gates in Waterloo Yesterday

Bill Gates was at The University of Waterloo yesterday trying to convience students to enroll in computer science. During his speech he touted the death of CD's, DVD's, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. What will replace all of this? Answer: An etch-a-sketch with internet connection! Sweet bring it on, I love etch-a-sketches.

By far the coolest part was a little promo video for MS-Office 12 with Napoleon Dynamite.

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Kenny vs. Spenny Returns

A couple of years ago the CBC did something totally shocking, they added new and decent programs to their stagnet lineup. Of these new shows there was one good show and another great show. The good show was Chilly Beach which is animated show about two hockey jersey wearing canucks who live in a village which is essentially an iceberg where they go about driving every Canadian stereotype into the ground . New episodes of Chilly Beach are still being aired (Tuesday 5:30).

And then there was Kenny vs. Spenny. It's exactly what it sounds like roommates Kenny and Spencer (Spenny) each week go head-to-head in a specific task to find out who's better. Who can stay awake the longest, who is the sainest and so on. Spenny is the straight and narrow guy who tries to do everything by the book to come out on top. Kenny on the other hand will do anything at all costs to win. Kenny vs. Spenny only ran for a year on CBC before it moved off into re-run land on the Game Show Network.

Kenny vs. Spenny is back on Showcase starting this Sunday at 9:30. Granted not a great timeslot going up against American Dad (but I have satellite and can catch the west coast feed so it doesn't matter). Serving as a lead in to Trailer Park Boys (probably Showcase's flagship show) it should do very well. There's no new American Dad on this week and probably for the next couple (because of baseball) so you'll be able to check it out without having to decide between the two.

This week's challege: Who can drink the most beer?

(thanks to Dart for the heads up)

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October 13, 2005

Once a week isn't enough

I have to say even I was a little disappointed with yesterday's comic, it wasn't bad but it hardly seemed worthy of the imposed "Comic of the Week" title. I'm expanding on the Weekly Wednesday Comic and I'm going for a minimum of 2 comics a week.

Hopefully this will relieve some of the stress I would've been putting on the lonely weekly comic before.


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Soup of the Day

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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October 12, 2005

Bring on the Snow

I just made another purchase on the ole magic plastic card (I'll figure out how to pay for it later). I bought the Night Value Snowboarding Pass for Blue Mountain. It can start snowing any day now. I can't start boarding until December 15th but I'd like there to be a decent base before then.

Pick up your discounted pass now, early bird prices end October 24th.

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A Comic By Mike Bannon

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October 11, 2005

Leafs Win, Leafs Win!!!

I'd like to congratulate the Toronto Leafs on their first win of the season and their first win in 529 days. Toronto defeated Philadelphia 4-2.

It looks like they're going to put up more of a fight than I thought. Looks like it will be an interesting season.

Will see what happens on October 24th and 27th when Toronto and Boston have a home and home match up.

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Sealab Season 3 on DVD, where was I?

Where the hell have I been, I had no idea that the third season of Sealab 2021 was available on DVD (released July 12th). This is one of my favourite Adult Swim shows; they don’t even show this one in Canada as far as I know.

Harry Goz (Captain Murphy) died about halfway through this season. I think he did amazing work, he’ll be missed. From other reviews that I’ve read apparently the show has taken quite a dive since his absence. I’ll have to wait till season 4 to find out, but for now I can enjoy Season 3 which is supposed to be great!

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Largehearted Boy

My hard drive is full and I have the Largehearted Boy to thank or blame. Largehearted Boy is a blog that features links to all recent music news and artist interviews. As well as my favourite (and reason my hard drive is full) section, Bittorrent Brunch; a handful of links to live music torrents updated daily. Torrents include live shows either concerts or in-studio radio performances.

Also on Monday's he releases (as far as I could tell or am concerned) a complete list of new CD and DVD releases. I love this site and as far as I know it's entirely legal because live music is public domain until it is commercially released.


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October 10, 2005

Smurfs get Bombed

UNICEF has produced a short Smurfs movie in which the Smurf village is bombed into rubble, leaving behind dead and dying Smurfs in a scene reminiscent of an Hieronymus Bosch painting. The video is part of a public education campaign on the ravages of war.

Here is the closest thing I've found to the actual video (it's about 30 seconds in and is only stills). Anyone able to find this on the net please send me the link and I'll post it.

Here's the clip featured on a news program.

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Two for the Money

The second movie of the weekend. I knew going into this it wasn't going to be good, and I was right. 0-2 and still no Wallace and Gromit.

First off from the trailers they make it out to be a movie about gambling where there appears to be the typical arc where everything starts off fine, gets better, becomes unbelievable good and then everything spirals out of control and then possibly redemption or a lesson learned. This arc for the most part happens except it isn't about gambling but about a guy who picks football games. You'd think he'd fall into the gambling trap but instead falls into the traps of success and gets lazy and starts making bad picks. You'd think there would be reprocutions to making bad picks but utimately there isn't and he just walks away from it. It's a pretty big let down.

Anyone going in expecting this to be a great gambling movie will be really disappointed. The story just takes way too long to progress and ultimately has no pay off. Pachino is great at chewing up the scenery but in some scenes is just riduculous.

If you want to watch a real movie about gambling I suggest you check out Owning Mahowny with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Far and away the greatest gambling movie I've ever seen.

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I had a chance to make it out to two movies this past weekend, sadly neither of which was Wallace and Gromit. I would've got to see it but because it's animated and I think they're gearing it towards children I couldn't find a show time later than 9:00 and it had started before we made it out to the theater.

Waiting is your typical slacker movie which takes place in Shenanigan's, your run of the mill cookie-cutter chain restaurant. The movie overall was decent and had enough laughs but with some minor tweaking it could've been made it into a great movie.

First off every slacker movie needs a killer soundtrack if you're going to achieve cult status. The music in Waiting was barely there and just as forgetable when it does surface. Secondly they could've gone a little further exploring each character. Sure everyone learns a lesson in the end but you don't end up caring because they never really fully developed the characters. On the plus side Ryan Renolds does a great job as the asshole/charmer who likes his women underage and is pretty much the only reason to see the movie.

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October 9, 2005

Watch the First 9 minutes of Serenity on the Net

This is a pretty interesting marketing approach, Universal is making the first nine minutes of Serenity available on the net. This clip sets up the entire movie perfectly and would alleviate an apprehension of anyone that wanted to go see the movie but feared they wouldn't understand it without every seeing the TV series.


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October 7, 2005

Scrubs - First Signs of Life for 2005

Fall TV is in full swing and still no sight of Scrubs. I’ve heard rumblings that it’s been pushed back to mid-season (January) because of Zach Braff’s (JD) film schedule. This is the first sign I’ve seen of any thing new that’s Scrubs related.

TV guide is switching from Digest format (4 X 6 ?) to magazine format (8” X 10 ½”). I don’t know if this applies in Canada or Ontario or just the stores I visit where they switched a slightly larger format here about a year ago. As a send off the old format TV guide has put out 9 editions of recreated classic covers of using contemporary stars.


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Wallace and Gromit Opens Today

Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit is in theaters today. This movie looks fantastic and I'm really looking forward to see it.

Check out this little behind the scenes slide show from the New York Times


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October 6, 2005

Mars Volta Live CD - Scabdates

Mars Volta will be releasing a full lengh live disc called Scabdates on November 8th.

I can't find any cover art or a listing on amazon that isn't a Japanese Import, hopefully more info to follow. For now here's the track listing. This will likely run the full 80 minutes on your CD player:

1. Abrasions Mount The Timpani
2. Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt
3. Gust Of Mutts
4. And Ghosted Pouts
5. Caviglia
6. Concertina
7. Haruspex
8. Cicatriz
9. Part I
10. Part II
11. Part III
12. Part IV

UPDATE - Now available for pre-order on Amazon

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There's a Concert at My Desk

It wouldn't be a regular day at work if I wasn't using more than my fair share of the network bandwidth by streaming music from 8 to 5. Usually I have it tuned to KEXP.org. In the afternoons I've started to wander and I've come across NPR's archives of All Songs Considered.

Here are a list of Live shows I'm making my way through

The White Stripes, The Shins & M. Ward
Sigor Ros
Seceret Machines
Bloc Party
The Decemberists

There are 91 episodes of All Songs Considered archieved and I haven't begun to look into but I had to pass this along to anyone who wants to listen to some live music while you're chained to your desk.

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October 5, 2005

Comic Commitment - New Comic Every Wednesday

I'm going to commit myself to a schedule, I'll be bringing you a new comic every Wednesday come rain, snow or reality tv program.

You might also notice that this week's comic is in colour and 35% bigger and still doesn't cost you a damn thing, now that's what I call added value. Every comic might not be in colour but the new size is going to become a standard.

I hope to add more comics as often as I can but for now you can count on one comic a week and for it to be up on Wednesdays!


The Management

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Turkey Time

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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October 4, 2005

My Dad The Conspiracy Theorist

People who know me will tell you that I come up with my theories on different things from time to time and in most cases have absolutely nothing to back them up with. For example I'm convinced East Indian Men have weak knees. These theories are mostly things that I've concluded from my own observations, well that's going to change.

My dad does a lot of driving and at all times of day. He's been telling me about his favourite radio program COAST-TO-COAST AM that he gets to catch from time to time when he's driving. Anyone who's listening to this program before knows where this is going.

He just recently bought a new van with a CD player that play's MP3's. He's also now got a subscription to C2CAM and is downloading the shows and burning them to CD. I'm pretty sure everytime I vist, which is at least a handful of times in a week he'll be there with a brand new conspiracy story for me.

This week, there was a guy that designed this carborator that gets 184 miles to the gallon but he was murdered by the automotive industry after he refused to sell them his patent for $50,000. Also you can improve your gas mileage by 30% by adding 2.5 ounces of acetone to every 10 gallons of gas (don't try this unless you've read up on it, it only works with specific types of fuel).

It's a four hour program that's on every night and he drives at least that everyday so I'm pretty sure he's going to be listening to every show from now on.

By the simple process of osmosis I know I will enevitably be passing them on to anyone I see.

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October 3, 2005

That New Car Smell - Actually Toxic

Apparently "That new car smell" is actually toxic. Japanese automakers are going to start toning it down the harmful odour.


If there isn't going to be a new car smell anymore I think they should replace it with something else. My vote would be for fresh leather...even if the car is upholstered. If everyone doesn't love the factory standard smell of fresh leather they can opt for the upgrade from the following List.

1. Fruit bouquet - Mmm...Fresh peaches and strawberries.
2. A Summer's Day - Everyday is summer in your new car.
3. The Eastern European - The smell of the old country, more acurately the smell of an old man who showers a little more than your average cat.
4. Chocolate - Can't beat the smell of chocolate, is your seatbelt tight? my seatbelt's tight.
5. Fast Food - It smells like you've just come through the drive- thru - available in Taco Bell, Mc Donalds or Curry-in-a-Hurry.

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I've never seen a single episode of Firefly, Buffy the vampire slayer or Angel but I've heard of the cult status they've achieved so I thought I'd check out Serenity. Serenity is the big screen treatment of Firefly which was cancelled after only 11 of it's 14 episodes aired.

Joss Whedon the creator of all the above and writer and director of Serenity is known for his fringe characters and witty dialogue. I could see why FOX would have to cancel something like this. Serenity has everything that was missing from the new Star Wars Trilogy and I can see why fans of the show latched on to it after only one season.

The movie was good but really didn't have the action packed excitement that you'd expect a sci-fi space epic would have but it was entertaining from start to finish non the less. Which is why it was probably released in late September and not in the middle of summer. I enjoyed the movie enough to go back and check out the TV show.

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