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October 25, 2005

Hollywood Beggars Arrested

Last month when I was in California we went to Hollywood to see the sites. We walked up and down the walk of fame, saw Grauman’s Chinese Theater and Sony Theater (where the Oscars are now held) and it was a total dump. In front of the theaters there were all kinds of people dressed up in costumes resembling movie characters ranging from pretty decent to that teenager who just throws on a rubber mask and demands candy on halloween. They're essentially just beggars so I was happy to read about this:

A man dressed as the character was one of three impersonators arrested last week for allegedly harassing tourists for tips after posing for photos on Hollywood Boulevard. Booked with him were people impersonating superhero Mr. Incredible and the dark-hooded character from the horror movie “Scream.”

Once they get rid of them all it wil make parents job's a little easier avioding the possiblity of trying to explain to their kids when they see Shrek in the food court taking a smoke break and trying to pick up Cookie Monster.


Posted by hypnobee at October 25, 2005 1:08 PM