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July 4, 2006

Superman Villians That Probably Wont Be In The Sequel

While Superman - Returns only generated $57 million in its opening weekend (a far cry from Spiderman). There will most certainly be a sequel.

A.V. Club highlights some of Superman's less spectacular villians he's faced over the years that probably wont be in the sequel. Included are a short bio, memoriable quote and why it's unlikely to be in the next movie.

Appeared in: Action Comics #396-397 (January-February 1971)

Bio: In this "imaginary" story set in the far-off 1990s, a nearly powerless Superman begs for change in the streets of Metropolis, watching as advances in science fight crime and prevent disaster with an efficiency that he couldn't even hope to achieve.

Memorable quote: "In this computerized, push-button world I'm useless, completely useless! Fit only to be a beggar! It's like a living nightmare!"

Why they're unlikely to make it to the movies: If the Superman franchise were to ditch the action and special effects and opt for an approach inspired by Italian neo-realism, this might work. But probably not.


Posted by hypnobee at July 4, 2006 3:47 PM