Quick Turnaround
January 27th, 2010

Quick Turnaround

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  1. Daniel Perez

    It doesn’t matter if you turn the graph upside down, it will still be a downward trend. As time increases, price decreases.

  2. Grimmthething

    Sadly, that seems to happen quite a bit to me. Nothing like being disappointed twice.

  3. Anonymdasjflkasdfa

    It does improve after you turn it upside down, since the derivative is increasing.

  4. xiao

    love it

  5. AJ

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! Best Comic I’ve seen in a while.

  6. Dave

    Cyanide and Happiness ripped this off in todays comic: http://www.explosm.net/comics/1940/
    I thought they were better than that…

  7. AJ

    Yo dave’s right, they totally did!!!!!

  8. Tom

    Yo aj’s right, they totally did!!!!!!

  9. Eric

    Yo tom’s right, they totally did!!!!!!

  10. Dan

    Yo eric’s right, they totally did!!!!!!

  11. Sandy

    Yo Dan’s right, they totally – actually, I don’t think they did. Sometimes great minds think alike, and we all know that fools seldom differ.

  12. AJ

    sandy has a point

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