Caption Contest
January 10th, 2011

Caption Contest

Come up with a caption for this comic and you could win.

First Prize – 2011 – Mordant Orange Wall Calendar and Mordant Orange Book

Second Prize – 2011 – Mordant Orange Wall Calendar

Third Prize – Mordant Orange – These Pirates Are Making Me Thirsty Book

To enter simply leave your ‘caption’ in the comments below or email it to me - mike at mordantorange dot com. Multiple entries are allowed.  Good Luck.

Contest Closes  – End of Sunday Jan. 16th

Winner will be announced Monday Jan 17th.

UPDATE – Winners Revealed here.

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  1. S.C.

    “Dontcha wish that you could be a whole in the floor!”

  2. Fw

    I don’t care if it saves on the water bill, cover it up again.

  3. Kandice

    THIS is why manhole covers should be round.

  4. BodaciousBen

    Just then, Shannon realized she had finally lost the “women don’t poop” argument.

  5. Fungusface

    Maybe putting a toilet in the living room wasn’t such a good idea after all.

  6. Fungusface

    Nina hesitantly agreed to let Dave keep his pet shark, on the condition that he would build a fence around the shark-hole.

  7. Fungusface

    He knew he should have clarified what she meant by “opening up the house.”

  8. Fungusface

    Bill and Janice finally realized their mistake when the emergency poop hole started to get full.

  9. PTTG

    Blue-ray installation became more complex.

  10. Sean

    Janelle had been quietly complacent concerning Jason’s fantasies about becoming a fireman, but this time he had gone too far.

  11. michael

    “Honey, I told you we shouldn’t have bought that new rug from the ACME catalog.”

  12. Don

    Installing the trapdoor really made the kids listen up, especially after the example was made with Sparky.

  13. Jim

    Mike, I thought I said no to your batcave.

  14. Jim

    Good thing we have to move the couch to play our Kinect anyhow.

  15. Jack

    Bill, man-CAVE is just an expression.

  16. Jack

    The ACME sales-rep warned me this might happen.

  17. Jack

    I don’t care is she is your mother – she asked for it.

  18. Me

    “It still looks to0 small. It needs to be bigger.”

  19. Me

    “You were right, the floor is 4 inches deep”

  20. Matty

    Bob’s way of “dealing with” the basement flooding was, again, disappointing.

  21. Me

    “I told you this is not the best solution to the world’s garbage problem!”

  22. shredder

    “I don’t care if you did see a rat with a staff, If you insist on tossing turtles down there I’m calling PETA”

  23. Arindam

    Girl: This I’m-the-#1-Guy Burt-fan thing has gone far enough!

  24. TJovian

    Even though they were keen to embrace their son’s freedom of expression, Jack and Susan felt things had gone too far when he asked for lotion and the garden hose.

  25. dart

    Steve suspicion where confirmed…. The carpeting WAS laid directly on the floor joists. – Bubble from man – “Can you believe what home builders will do to cut corners these days!”

  26. njfromnj

    I don’t care that you’re afraid of the dark. I said if you bothered me one more time during the game, I’d put you in the ground.

  27. Grimm

    A new skylight in the basement bedroom made Sue and Bob rethink the remodel.

  28. Steve Ince

    Although they’d lived here for ten years, this was the first time they’d moved the couch.

  29. Emma

    emma didnt think craig had quite understood when she said she wanted easy access to the cellar.

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  31. Marie-Eve Lohman

    “I spilled something and couldn’t find the cleaner…. I didn’t want it to stain the carpet.”

  32. mgb

    Janine’s reaction to the “under-house adventure porthole” was not what Dan had hoped.

  33. Me

    “I found that button you lost last week.”

  34. LMacCoubrey

    You said you checked everywhere for the ring, and you suspect it dropped down the drain in the bathroom sink…… you did not check everwhere!

  35. internetcliche

    My vote is for no caption. I think it’s funnier without trying to put the scene in context.

  36. Van

    “It was the third time that billy had fallen inside”

  37. Van

    “The real state dealer forgot to tell them that the house was built on top of an old street”

  38. Van

    “The only way to fix the traffic light system was through that hole, and every week someone came down there”

  39. Van

    “It suddenly became obvious to Macy and Craig to cover the hole with the couch”

  40. Van

    “That was Rachel’s third cell phone”

  41. Van

    “That was the fourth time the dog fell in, so that meant Nick had to climb down and get it this time”

  42. Van

    “It’s your turn to get the cat out, Jake”

  43. Van

    “I don’t think that it’s obvious to our downstairs neghbors that we can see them do everything”

  44. Van

    “All they wanted to do was save money on keeping an eye on their child’s room”

  45. Van

    “Almost immediately they regretted making a shortcut to their basement”

  46. Van

    “Jim’s attempt at making a well in the middle of their living room hit a little snag”

  47. Vishal

    The Eskimos were still trying to adjust to the demise of Kyoto protocol.

  48. Johnny


  49. Johnny

    Henry’s wish of having a bottomless pit in his living room came true.

  50. TJovian

    Susan wasn’t thrilled by Jack’s alternative to the baby monitor. Even less so when she found he’d forgotten to move the crib and the baby before cutting the hole.

  51. Johnny

    It was then that Joe realized that his trap supported the “Survival of the fattest” theory.

  52. Johnny

    “That hole in the floor symbolizes the hole in my heart… Call an ambulance…”

  53. Johnny

    The bears were getting craftier…

  54. joseph thibault

    Please tell me that this isn’t just a shortcut to put your empty cans in the recycling bin…

  55. Nate

    Paul reveals his plan to install a two-story stripper pole.

  56. Van

    The gơod news was that their apartment would never burn down. The bad news was that there’d be firefighters passing through the rơom 24/7

  57. Grimmthething

    Sally knew that without Ben’s glasses he would not make it another step.

  58. JaredHamilton

    The Calhouns knew they shouldn’t have put together their Snap-Together house without the instructions.

  59. Jay

    Despite following the instructions for “Meet the Turtles” exactly from the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” remastered special features section, after several hours the Jones still awaited the first hint of half-shell.

  60. Jay

    She was beginning to grasp the implications of the “slight mole problem” description in the apartment listing.

  61. Nathan

    Julia wanted to buy a stairway to heaven, but could only afford the hole to hell after Tony bought his jumbo screen tv.

  62. Phil

    The televangelist did say that we were on holey ground.

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