Gill by Norm Feuti

Gill by Norm Feuti launched today. Back in July Norm posted his submission package (it’s since been taken down) which was passed on by the major newspaper syndicates on his blog.

I blew through the package in 5 minutes, it was excellent but I could see why it was rejected immediately. About every third strip there was something that would just send the easily offended into a dizzy as they scrambled to find a pen and paper to write and complain.

As much as I enjoyed Gill, I got sad almost immediately after reading his submission because I knew that there would be no more.  Well forget that because it looks like Gill is updating weekdays.

Norm also does another strip called Retail. I’d seen Retail a few times in the paper but never really went out of my way to find it (probably because it’s on King Features and their website is still subscription based…boo!!). That ends today, I’m going to pick up the Pretending You Care: The Retail Employee Handbook.

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