Is It Funny Today

You may have noticed (but probably not) that when I redesigned the site I didn’t bother putting up the ‘vote for this comic’ buttons that ran down the side of the last site. The first reason was because they were kind of an eyesore. Secondly and probably more importantly, they didn’t justify the space they took up with the traffic they brought in.

I figured I was done with those ‘vote for me’ buttons until Is It Funny Today came along. At first glance it appears to be similar to those other vote for me sites but with an obvious tilt towards humor. But this site does it much differently (and so much obviously better it makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with it).

How it works.

Viewers simply give a comic (not the site) and Up or a Down vote depending on whether they think the comic is funny or not. Each comic (not the site) for the day is ranked according to their funniness on a list that updates in real time. The list is reset daily, so you could be king of the heap one day and down and out the next.

You should stop by and check it out. I found it an excellent source for finding other comics I hadn’t heard of before.

Check it out.

Poking around I found this cool page, Mordant Orange on Is It Funny Today. Check out my top comics and the graph tracking my day to day funniness. Maybe bookmark it as a favourite.

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