So Long 2008, Hello 2009

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to make 2008 the best year ever for Mordant Orange!

Some 2008 highlights include:

  • February 11th – dies. It never really lived up to what I thought it could be but it was the first collective I was asked to join, so I was a little sad to see it go.
  • April 1st – Mordant Orange goes from three days a week to five (for the most part).
  • April 15th – Comic Submitted to Hallmark’s Your Funnyness Contest is selected and would be made into a greeting card sold across North America
  • May 8th – Mordant Orange mail box crippled by spam, hundreds of email an hour.
  • May 22nd – I sprain my finger while playing volleyball, no comics for a week, world weeps.
  • June 2nd – Purchase a Wacom Cintiq – oh baby it’s sweet, I’m never going back.
  • July 8th – Creepiest comic I’ve done, Behind The Shirt
  • August 7th – First guest strip I’ve done runs at Guest Strip Project
  • August 31st -Voting ends on the Hallmark Contest – I finish second to a baby in a hat and receive a pat on the back for a job well done.
  • October 20th – Mordant Orange 3.0 is launched. Finally a site with some buttons to go back and forth between comics. Thank-you Comicpress
  • November 18th – Most popular Comic – Birthday Hat
  • December 18th – Mordant Orange becomes a part of Is It Funny Today and the hard data of how funny people actually think these comics are is collected and graphed
  • Much like 2008, I have bigger plans for 2009 but I don’t want to commit to them in writing. The best I can do is stay tuned and I’ll announce them when they become more set in stone.

    Thanks again everyone for stopping by day in and day out.

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    1. Carly

      YOU PAID A THOUSAND $$$ Just for some writing thing?? Thats dumb. jk

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