Class Deception
March 24th, 2009

Class Deception

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  1. Seventoes

    This one is either too subtle for me or there isn’t a joke :(

  2. Aurora

    Well, the real ducks are playing outside, while “fake” ducks are having class… :)

  3. dart

    I thought it was the best one since a week or more ago.

  4. Phil

    This one is great! One of my all-time favorites!

  5. Seventoes

    Ahhhh they’re fake, that’s what i wasnt getting.. haha.

  6. feckineejit

    Seventoes, if you’re not careful one of these days you will be tricked by a hunter.

  7. Lyly

    It’s okay, it took me a few minutes (and re-reading the title) to get it.

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