It Comes In Lite
April 8th, 2009

It Comes In Lite

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  1. Geek Sketches

    Ha ha ! How do you come up with these?
    Real life instances?

  2. Aurora

    Haha, classic!!

  3. Kumeelyun

    Excellent. Great observation. Keep it up.

  4. Lisa

    Love love love this!! It is so true though, no matter what it is, if it’s lite, I want two!!!

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  7. andrew

    XTREME!!! I hope this is a reference to that place on pinebush :)

  8. feckineejit

    LOL @ Americans, buy anything that says lite or low fat even though it’s full of deadly chemicals!

  9. whutronwitu

    @feckineejit: I think you’re confusing this with Europe. Or some other place that has gyms.

  10. Stephen C.

    LOL, feckineejit
    is right

  11. esmitty

    are you kidding obesity is a major problem in the u.s.

  12. McGelligot

    I just want to know whether the bottles are half-empty or half-full.

  13. Jim Dandy

    I get MY lite water with a shot of low sodium air.

  14. dawg

    the brain is half empty

  15. sugar daddy

    Oh i get it, because it should say fewer calories

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