An Eye For Makeup
May 26th, 2009

An Eye For Makeup

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  1. Aurora

    Haha!!! Good one!

  2. DIckbutt

    “Suddenly Marty realized Sheila was a man.”

  3. DIckbutt

    For you see, if a joke is to be funny, there must be an unexpected twist. The missing eye is very visible and not the least bit humorous. The makeup comment is dull.

    However, the twist is that Sheila is a transvestite, and Marty – completely oblivious to her missing prosthetic – is more concerned that she is actually a he.

    Another more subtle layer to this is that the two have not yet been intimate, or they have and Marty is still ignorant. All the more reason for him to be shocked at this sudden revelation.

    The joke is not the missing eye. It is misleading the reader with the eye while sideswiping them with something completely unexpected: Sheila’s true gender.

    Please provide an alternate version and see which one your readers find funnier. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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