Website Restored

The website was broke for most of Friday.  I didn’t notice until right away because the front page loaded just fine.  But if you tried to click on anything all the links were dead. I saw the stats earlier in the day (which were next to nothing)and just chalked it up to it being the a perfect storm of no new comic, the Friday before a long weekend and that suddenly everyone had become tired of the site.  Luckily it appears I was wrong.

I think I fixed whatever caused everything to die (…give me a shout if you find something still broken @hypnobee). I was also able to update wordpress (which I don’t think really means anything to anyone except me) and I also updated the social bookmark / share thing at the bottom of the cartoons so now you can tweet your favourite comics. 

Thanks to Naex for the heads up of the site being totally busted.

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