These Pirates Are Making Me Thirsty

The first collection of Mordant Orange comics:
  • 100 Pages!
  • 184 comics!
  • Full Colour!!
  • Over a 1/4″ thick!!!
  • Free sketch (pre-order only)!!!! – EXTENDED FOR HOLIDAYS


Order it now and you’ll get a sketch for free! A free sketch! How can I afford to do this?

This will be a hand drawn sketch of my choosing drawn in your book. What will it be? Who knows, whatever I feel like drawing (don’t worry it won’t be anything graphic…nothing I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting up on the site).

What If I don’t want you to draw in my book? Did you hear it’s free? Oh…okay then no big deal. I’ll still sign it and send it out to you, just let me know.

STANDARD EDITION – FREE SKETCH (pre-order deal extended!)
$13.50 + shipping $13.50 + shipping

A random sketch not good enough for you. Well maybe I can interest you in the CUSTOM SKETCH EDITION.

If you’ve got a specific thing you want me draw in your book, get the CUSTOM SKETCH EDITION. It’s a little more but you can tell me what to draw. No guarantee you’ll like it but I’ll try my best (you’ve seen my work…what do you expect). Also try to keep it decent, I’m not going to draw anything I wouldn’t be comfortable putting up on the site.

$19.00 + shipping $19.00 + shipping
What do you want sketched?

What do you want sketched?

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