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July 11, 2005

Back from Vacation

I'm back from vacation and let me say I've never been so greatful for indoor plumbing. Spending the last 10 days between cottaging and camping am I glad to to the see the old porcelain throne.

While camping I tried to pull out my best FUBAR 'campin' impersanation (sans mullets and crop tops) by drinking way too many Red Cap's (sorry, no pilsner to shotgun but stubby's c'mon that's gotta be worth something!) and fighting with folding chairs too close to an open flame. The totals ran down something like this; 20 empty beer bottles, 2 soaked folding chairs, 1 foot stool slightly toasted (must've fell too close to the fire), 1 waterlogged and now broken cd player along with a cd holder of 64 of the wettest cd's anywhere and a half soaked sleeping bag = 1 great night of "Campin'"

It poured rain that night (or so i'm told and everything else I brought and left outside would indicate, but I don't remember hearing anything) and totally soaked everything I left out. The cheap CD player boom box I bought for the trip was full of water. I turned it over and dumped out the water. The radio still works but the CD part is pooched!

My sleeping bag got soaked because the tent was soo small that I was touching the side of the tent at the bottom and when you touch the side of a wet tent it looses it's waterproofness. At least I made it into the tent. It was a little soggy for the next night's sleep.

Can't wait till next year...note to self... electronics should always be put inside before passing out.

WHoooaA! giver' Deaner!.. Turn up the Good, Turn down the Suck!

Posted by hypnobee at July 11, 2005 7:51 PM


I can vouch for that, you drunken bastard!

Posted by: Bacala at July 12, 2005 12:31 PM