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June 30, 2006

Official Transformers Trailer

Here's the official trailer / teaser for the live action Transforms coming out next year. It's hardly worth the time it takes to watch but I thought I'd post it anyway.


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June 29, 2006

Damn Hippies Get Away From My Produce

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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June 26, 2006

Get'em While They're Sacrilegious

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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June 23, 2006

American History X Meets The Country Bears

I can't help but think this would be 10 times funnier the other way around.

Someone get on that please.


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Futurama Returns 2008

Even better news than me returning is that Futurama will be returning in 2008 with at least 13 new episodes! Comedy central has picked up the shows 72 episode back catalogue and ordered more new episodes.

If you can't wait that long don't worry the 4 direct to dvd movies are coming late 2007


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I'm Back, Did You Miss Me?

Sadly monkey poop coffee your rein at the top of the site has come to an end. I'm back from my crazy Ontario road trip for work, 1600km in 3 days! Sarnia to Ottawa to Pembroke and back to Cambridge. I have a pretty sweet driving tan my left arm. It's going to be amazing by the end of the summer. One arm golden brown and the other a pasty white.

Comics and posts of things that amuse me will continue.

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June 20, 2006

Ass Coffee or Kopi Luwak

I don't drink coffee and thanks to this little article I never will.

[T]he paradoxurus [is] a tree-dwelling animal that is part of the sibet family. Long regarded by the natives as pests, they climb among the coffee trees eating only the ripest, reddest coffee cherries. Who knows who first thought of it, or how or why, but what these animals eat they must also digest and eventually excrete. Some brazen or desparate -- or simply lazy -- local gathered the beans, which come through the digestion process fairly intact, still wrapped in layers of the cherries' mucilage. The enzymes in the animals' stomachs, though, appear to add something unique to the coffee's flavor through fermentation.

Long story short. Monkey eats coffee beans. Monkey craps out half digested coffee beans. Coffee bean crap ground up and brewed to perfection.

Enjoy your coffee.... MMMmmmm nutty!

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June 19, 2006

Beaver and Steve Guest Strips

Beaver and Steve (possibly the best web comic out there) is having a two week run of guest strips updating everyday.


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June 15, 2006


A Comic By Mike Bannon

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June 14, 2006

Seth Macfarlane Class Day Speech

Seth Macfarlane the creator and voices of Family Guy and American Dad gives a commencement speech at Harvard. It's worth watching just to watch him do the character voices in person.

Part 1
Part 2 - Peter
Part 3 - Stewie
Part 4 - Quagmire

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June 13, 2006

Hair Realty

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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June 12, 2006

Greatest Radio Station Ever

Seattle based radio station KEXP kicks off it's Summer Pledge Drive this morning. Support the best radio station in the world.

I will be supporting them as I did last year and will be waiting for my copy of Live at KEXP Vol. 2 to arrive in the mail.

Artist - Song Title
1.Lyrics Born – "Callin’ Out"
2.Gang of Four – "What We All Want"
3.Thievery Corporation – "Warning Shots"
4.Tapes N Tapes – "Insistor"
5.Sleater-Kinney – "Jumpers"
6.Ted Leo and the Pharmicists – "Walking to Do"
7.Death Cab for Cutie – "Crooked Teeth"
8.The Decemberists – "We Both Go Down Together"
9.Zero 7 – "Home"
10.Common Market – "Connect Four"
11.M.I.A. – "Galang"
12.Band of Horses – "The Funeral"
13.The Wedding Present – "Ringway to Sea-Tac"
14.Editors – "Munich"
15.Skullbot – "Lookout"
16.Bright Eyes – "At the Bottom of Everything"
17.Trashcan Sinatras – "Weightlifting"
18.Aqualung – "Brighter than Sunshine"
19.Drive By Truckers – "World of Hurt"
20.Patti Smith (with Lenny Kaye) – "People Have the Power"


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Watch the World Cup Online

Wired magazine details several ways you can watch the World Cup on the net.


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June 8, 2006

Not Everyone Loves A Hummer

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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Monkey Chow

You gotta love the internet, where else could you get to see insane drunken-bar-like bets being carried out.

Angryman poses the question:

Imagine going to the grocery store only once every 6 months. Imagine paying less than a dollar per meal. Imagine never washing dishes, chopping vegetables or setting the table ever again. It sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

But how can this be achieved...

The answer = MONKEY CHOW

Angryman chronicles his days of eating nothing but monkey chow for a week (A Week...That seems a little short. Possible with the attention he's garnering he'll go longer.). Check out The Monkey Chow Diaries for a day by day summary. Check his blog for even more great Monkey chow stuff.

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June 7, 2006

Animator vs. Animation

Alan Becker shows us what happens when the death of a stick man doesn't quite go as planned.

[Link via Drawn!]

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June 6, 2006

Another Fact You Probably Wished You Didn't Now Know

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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June 5, 2006

Colbert's Knox College Commencement Speech

Stephen Colbert (Colbert Report) gave the commencement speech at Knox College in Illinois this past weekend.

You are the most cuddled generation in history. I belong to the last generation that did not have to be in a car seat. You had to be in car seats. I did not have to wear a helmet when I rode my bike. You do. You have to wear helmets when you go swimming, right? In case you bump your head against the side of the pool. Oh, by the way, I should have said, my speech today may contain some peanut products.
My mother had 11 children: Jimmy, Eddie, Mary, Billy, Morgan, Tommy, Jay, Lou, Paul, Peter, Stephen. You may applaud my mother’s womb. Thank you, I’ll let her know. She could never protect us the way you all have been protected. She couldn’t fit 11 car seats. She would just open the back of her Town & Country—stack us like cord wood: four this way, four that way. And she put crushed glass in the empty spaces to keep it steady. Then she would roll up all the windows in the winter time and light up a cigarette. When I die I will not need to be embalmed, because as a child my mother hickory-smoked me.

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June 2, 2006

Transformers Movie 2007

For some reason I thought there was a trailer out for the New live action Transformers Movie that's coming out July 4th, 2007 but the best I could come up with was this 16 second teaser of Optimus Prime.

The more I dig into the movie the more leary I become with Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor and every other summer movie with massive explosions and car chases in the last 10 years) directing and John Rogers as writer. His credits include The Core and Catwoman.

If they come anywhere close to this copy paper commercial it should be amazing.


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June 1, 2006

Iron Man

Jon Favreau is set to direct Marvel's Iron Man which will be out in 2008. I'm not a big Iron Man fan basically because I never read the comic but I've always loved his suit/armor.

The best news about the movie so far is that both Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage who have expressed interest will not be playing Tony Stark (Iron Man).

Stars bring too much baggage with them. I don't think Daredevil benefited by casting Ben Affleck at the height of his popularity, even if he did desperately want to play the character. Tobey Maguire was a relative unknown when he was cast in Spider-Man. That's the kind of actor I'm looking for. Someone with experience but a low profile.

I've heard enough, no Cruise or Cage I'm sold. Favreau has done decent work in the movies he has directed before with Made, Elf and Zathura that there's no reason to believe that Iron Man shouldn't come out well in his hands.


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You Gotta Go Where The Big Game Is

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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