December 13, 2006

Energizer Thinks You're Retarded

I normally record everything I watch on TV and fast forward through all the commercials. I'd seen this Energizer commercial a dozen times before at x16 speed but I just happen to be watching the commercial in real time when I noticed across the bottom of the screen "Dramatization" popped up as a pair of aliens were using the Energizer Bunny to boost their ship.

I'm having a little trouble trying to figure out what the disclaimer, "Dramatization" is for. Surely you can boost an alien craft using a stuffed animal and a pair of jumper cables.

It's probably that they added the trickery of computer animation to show electricity traveling on the outside and between the jumper cables for dramatic effects. Protecting themselves from the many future lawsuits from dissatisfied customers who's jumper cables don't arc like a Tesla coil when hooked up to a corporate mascot and a blatant rip off of a ship from a certain 1977 Steven Spielberg classic science fiction movie.

Here's a link to a crappy Youtube version of the commercial that doesn't have the caption on the bottom.

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December 11, 2006

Charlie Brown Christmas - Performed by the Cast of Scrubs


Here's a link to a little background info on the clip.

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October 18, 2006

A Piece of American History For Sale

Hello, Nation! In celebration of his show's first anniversary, Stephen Colbert is auctioning off his highly valuable, extremely realistic portrait that currently hangs above the fireplace on the set of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report."

Who wants to go halves? It can stay at my house Monday, Wednesday, Friday and alternating Sundays.


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Map of Springfield

This is just ridiculous. Look at the detail.

I feel like a person with too much time on my hands by just looking at this map. I can't imagine what kind of time you would have to have on your hands to put something like this together.


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September 20, 2006

Kenny vs. Spenny Season 3 - October 19th

Kenny vs. Spenny Season 3 returns to Showcase October 19th at 9:30.

Kenny's revealed some of the challenges of this upcoming season on his myspace page.

- 1st to laugh
- Who do gay guys like more?
- Who can wear an octopus on their head the longest?
- Who can play the other guy better?
- Who can stay in a haunted house longer?
– Who is Cooler?
- Qi Gong – aka Who can lift the most weight with their genitals?
– Who can catch the biggest fish?
- Who can be homeless longest?
– Who is the better arm wrestler?

Can't wait!

Also Season 2 will be out on DVD October 24th.

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Extras - Patrick Stewart

I love the end of this clip where Patrick Stewart is baffled that Ricky Gervais has never seen Star Trek.

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September 5, 2006

Microsoft UK Training Video - David Brent (Ricky Gervais)

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August 30, 2006

Conan - AV Club Interview Pt 2

I posted the link to part one of this interview last week. Here's the link to Part two. Conan talks about his early career and jobs that he had leading up to Late Night.

The first job we got was on Not Necessarily The News, which was an HBO show. It was a good job for us, because it got us into the union. And it got us some experience. We were locked in a fluorescent room. We could've been accountants, because they locked us in a room and said, "Write visual jokes. Write gags." We wrote a ton of jokes that they could use to accompany footage. That was actually a pretty good exercise, because all these years later, I still feel like for a couple of years at the beginning of my career, my job was just to think about jokes and visual humor. And I was literally chained to a desk doing it. It was a good way to do it.


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August 28, 2006

Plastic Man Pilot

I wanted to post this on Friday but the link at youtube died too quickly. Check it out while it's still around.

Also check out Stephen DeStefano's blog (he was a storyboard artist for the short) for all kinds of great stuff.

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Conan's Opening Emmy Parody Clip

If you didn't catch the emmy's last night (which apparently most people didn't) here's Conan's opening parody clip.


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August 23, 2006

Conan - AV Club Interview Pt. 1

Here's part one of a Conan O'Brien interview at A.V. Club. He discusses hosting the upcoming Emmys and Taking over The Tonight show in 2009.

AVC: How did you find out about the Tonight Show gig?

COB: Ed McMahon came to my door. It was shocking. He had a large check. And he seemed confused. I don't think he's well. He had two medical attendants with him saying "No, Mr. McMahon, no. Finish your pudding." I got the call that NBC was curious if I was interested, so I said "You betcha!"


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July 31, 2006

BKAD - District of Columbia

Better Know A District - DC

Far and away the best in the 434 part series so far.

I love when Congresswoman Norton calls Colbert, "A plain vanilla man"

I have no doubt this link will die off quickly so check out the MotherLoad for a permanent link (also better quality)


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July 19, 2006

Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes

John K. lists the contents of the new Ren and Stimpy 2 Disc DVD set that came out yesterday.

3 Spike episodes
3 never been seen episodes
9 half hours total cartoon product.

Naked girls (by the # 1 cute girl artist-Katie Rice)
The 3 Things
Ralph Bakshi animated
First on screen live animated birth

Lots of supplemental material:
I introduce each cartoon and tell you the back story of how we came up with it. I even thrust my groin a couple times.
Meet the cartoonists-Eddie, Katie, Luke, Vincent, Annmarie, Steve (of Asifa Archives fame!) and Eric Goddamn Bauza himself!

A rare personal appearance by Dave Feiss (creator of Cow and Chicken)

Weird Al live justifies the existence of the set!

background paintings
model sheets

DVD Times has an almost exhaustive inside look and review of the DVD that if you were any sort of Ren and Stimpy fan back in the early 90's there's no way you wouldn't pick up this DVD once you've read through this article.

There's a great interview with John K. at IGN where he talks about how these episodes came into existince.

They asked me if I had any episodes that were rejected by Nickelodeon, and I said yeah, I've got tons of them. They said make them - make the ones that got rejected - so that's what we did: we took a bunch of stories that we wrote in 1990 and 1991 and produced them in 2003

He also goes into some detail on why he believes Ren and Stimpy seperate themselves from all the other TV animation being produced today. Also worth the read.

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Sealab 2021 Season IIII or 4 on DVD Aug. 8th

I was doing a little search on Amazon to see if the Ren & Stimpy - The Lost Episodes was actually in fact lost episodes or a best of compilation of previously released material when I saw a little something that caught my eye in the Customers...Also Bought:

Sealab 2021 for some ridiculous reason is not aired in this country so when a new DVD comes along it's a total surprise as to what you're going to get. In the last season Harry Goz (voice of Captain Murphy) died which hopefully wont result in these epsiodes being total crap. As the new captain is Tornado Shanks (voiced by Michael Goz; Harry's son).

Info is a little light at amazon except for the cast listing which bring a smile to my face just reading.

Harry Goz ...Captain Hazel 'Hank' Murphy (2000-2003)
Erik Estrada ...Marco Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Diego Garcia Marquez
Bill Lobley ...Jodene Sparks/Various
Brett Butler ...Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn
Kate Miller ...Debbie DuPree
Ellis Henican ...Derek 'Stormy' Waters
Chris Ward ...Hesh Hipplewhite/Various
Michael Goz ...Captain Bellerophon 'Tornado' Shanks (2004-2005)
Angela Gibbs ...Debbie 'Black Debbie' Love (2004-2005)

It's out August 8th.

Also if you're interested the Ren and Stimpy: The Lost Episodes are actually 9 new episodes that we're produced for Spike TV in 2003. Pulled by Spike 4 of these episode never aired.

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July 13, 2006

Colbert Tumbling

Stephen Colbert continues to amaze me. Just when you think there's nothing he can't do, he goes and does something that you haven't even thought of better than you could've possibly imagined.


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May 31, 2006

Jar Barf

Do you think Conan is going to be able to do stuff like this when he takes over for Leno?


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May 26, 2006

Look Around You

The British comedy "Look Around You", series one. The episodes are a satire/homage of 1970s and early 1980s educational videos and schools programmes, with a different scientific subject being discussed in each episode, or "modules" as they are referred to in the series

Very funny, perhaps if I was British and ten years older and would've seen the originals that it's parodying these would be brilliant. But that's out of my hands.

The Brain

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May 24, 2006

Did you know the human thumb is formed by 15 interchangable joints?

First it was the Super Bowl commercial know we're missing out on parody ads. You gotta love how the Canadian broadcasters hijack the network channels and force you to watch local advertising.

In an effort to stop people who PVR their favourite shows and fastforwarding through the commercials NBC has added these fake service announcements.

I watched every episode of the Office this year and I didn't see any of these. Dwight's are by far the funniest.

Artic Wolf

[To the rest]

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April 3, 2006

Marshmellows and The Junos

Fear not your comments on my latest comic have not forced me into to hiding. I've just been busy, oh too bad. That means there will be unsatisfactory comic tomorrow, enjoy!

Did anyone catch the Juno's on Sunday? I generally stay away from all awards shows because of many reasons (self congratulatory, boring, too long...). I still like to check in on the Junos from time to time because they have the best approach out of any awards show out there. They treat it as a concert. You can actually buy tickets at ticketmaster. They only hand out a handful of awards while squeezing as much live performances into a two hour time frame.

I'd point out Buck65's job as host/DJ, Broken Social Scene's performance, and Jan Arden's seal eye lid bra comment as the highlights of the evening. On the other side, what were they thinking when they asked Pamela Anderson to host (gotta love how she got booed for her seal clubbing remark). Also I could've done without all the Canadian Idol's being jammed down my throat.

Kalan Porter is the weirdest looking women I have ever seen.

[Link] - a pretty decent summary of the evening except for the dig at Broken Social Scene. They sounded great.

ps. anyone who can find the video of BSS from the Juno's let me know and I'll post it. Till then here's some cool pre-Juno's Video's

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February 2, 2006

Survivor Pool Picks

Just to let everyone know how the pool works, there are 8 people in the pool, the survivor names are drawn at random and each person gets two survivors. May the best person win.

They didn't show too much of his tribe during the first episode mainly because they were well organized and working well together and everyone knows that makes boring television. I think he might have an outside chance if he doesn't alienate himself from the tribe. He's a decent dark horse.

Looks to be a strong competitor although she did lose the first challenge I'm not going to hold it against her. Reading her bio she appears to be very athletic and educated. A good combination. I think she has a decent shot at final four.

From what I've seen so far I wouldn't trade any of my picks for anyone else. Wish me luck.

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February 1, 2006

Survivor Starts Again Tomorrow

Survivor 12 - Island of Exile starts tomorrow. As I've stated before I'm a big Survivor fan. There's nothing I love more than watching people plot and scheme to screw someone over. Unless of course it totally backfires and the schemer gets canned instead. The last Survivor was packed with great gameplay and unpredictable voting. Hopefully with this new season they will be able to continue along the same path.

As per usual Jeff Probst does some press before the show starts and it's become pretty standard fare that something along the lines of "Everything you thought you knew about Survivor will change in the first 20 mintes" is uttered. Which I don't mind so much because in most cases while it's not as extreme as they make it out to be, it always adds a new twist to the game and usually makes it more interesting.

With a new Survivor comes a new Survivor pool. I'll post my players that I end up getting on Friday. On the last Survivor I did pretty decent finishing 3rd which is the closest I've ever came to winning.


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January 11, 2006

Save Our Bluths

I may be a little late on this one but I just got around to watching last episode of Arrested Development yesterday (originally broadcast Jan. 2nd). Anyone who has followed the show at all knows that it's one of the greatest shows on TV and like many great shows it's stuck on FOX where they continue to jerk it around until it gets cancelled and then the network uses the excuse that it failed to find an audience.

The last episode Save Our Bluths is out right plea from the show to be saved under a great thinly disguised family fundraiser. Showtime and HBO are both referenced as well as a guest appearance of Andy Richter as a set of quadruplets (A nod to his short lived show, also on FOX). They even flash the web address of a fan site, which helped nudge the network in the right direction when trying to decide to bring back the show for the a third season. Check it out if you like the show and find out what you can do to help keep it on the air.

Both Season 1 and 2 are available on DVD and that's always a great way to show support. It worked for Family Guy.

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January 3, 2006

Scrubs Returns - Tonight


Scrubs is back on TV tonight. If you've read any of my ramblings here in the past few month you'll know that I'm a big fan (even though I just got on board last season)of the show and much like any show I seem to get attached to, it gets cancelled immediately. I thought the same thing had happened to Scrubs when it failed to return this fall and it's time slot was filled with My Name is Earl.

It looked even worse when My Name Is Earl started to do well. NBC in an attempt to recapture their reign of must-see-tv Thursdays (Seinfeld and Friends era) has moved My Name is Earl and The Office into the Thursday block. This will probably result in the cancellation of both shows immediately (They're both good but not your run off the mill cookie cutter sitcoms like Will and Grace is and what the general public just laps up).

I know by now that I've probably blown the return of the show and how great it is way out of proportion so here's to hoping I'm wrong.

Check it out - Tonight 9pm

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January 2, 2006

The Future of Televsion According to Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon creator of Serenity, Firefly and Buffy gives us some insight on the future of television.

Obviously, we'll see advances in technology. TiVo, iPods, streaming video — the way we watch TV is changing dramatically. It's on our phones, in our cars — even projected on specialized eyeglasses. But don't listen to the talk about having shows beamed directly into your brain. That's science-fiction nonsense. Shows will be stored in the pancreas and will enter the brain through the bloodstream after being downloaded into your iHole.

iHole...That sounds like it's going to be expensive. As long as it's commercial free and slightly less painful to have installed than the port's everyone has in eXistenZ I guess it won't be too bad.


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December 12, 2005

3 Seconds

I knew it was going to be an exercise in futiliy but I thought it would've lasted longer than 3 seconds. I was out last night and had to tape the final for Survivor and I was going to watch it when I got home from work today.

I figured there'd be an outside chance that I could get through the day without finding out. Here was the game plan:
Avoid the radio - Easy I don't listen to much radio, CD's all the way to work, no problem!
Avoid the people at work who watch the show - No one in my immediate area watches the show, should be easy.
Avoid reading CTV headlines on my MSN page - I was only giving this a 30% chance that it wasn't one of the headlines and so far it looks like there's bigger news in the world so I would've been safe.
Avoid any media outlet; newspapers & websites - It would've been tough but I could've done it.

My alarm went off this morning and it was the second thing out his mouth.

"NAME" wins it all.

Ahh crap!!!

*** caution comments may contain spoilers ***

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December 7, 2005

Chia Cat Grass

For the first time in a long time I watched some NFL on Sunday and I saw a couple of amusing commercials. The first was some sleeping pill that has a side effect that ‘may cause drowsiness’. What are they trying to say, if you take this product you may become drowsy but you still won’t be unable to fall asleep. Or are they saying you can take these pills and they might make you sleepy or they may not. Actual the whole product is really just a placebo and they'll just take the suckers as they come. Either way this is absolutely unacceptable, this drug should be pulled from the market until they can safely say, ‘this product will cause unconsciousness’.

By far my favorite was Chia Cat Grass. It’s Grass, and it’s for your eat. People why don’t you own this already? Don’t know why you should get one for your cat, here are the listed benefits.

Provides essential vitamins and folic acids
- Well that sounds good, but c’mon Fruit Loops have 8 essential vitamins and folic acid and I’m pretty sure they’ll rot your teeth right out of your head in no time.

Aides in digestions by increasing roughage
- Ha ha roughage! I’ve always found that word funny. Nothing's worse than seeing a cat walking around with turtle head poking out.

Assists in removing hairballs
- I’m not following the logic here. Does eating the grass cut down on a cat’s hairball production? Are you supposed to turn it upside down and use the grass like a broom and it ‘assists’ you in sweeping it up. Or does the cat just cough up a hair ball in the grass and it’s a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

Keeps cats away from hazardous houseplants
- Okay I’ll give you that one but if your cat’s developed an unhealthy relationship with the cactus in the corner you’re just going to have to accept the fact that your cat is not long for this world.

Organic and pesticide free
- Organic and pesticide free, that’s not really a benefit so much as it is a good idea when you’re selling something an animal is going to eat.

Satisfies their natural cravings for grass
- Are you saying that all cats are potheads? That would explain why my cat is always insisting we watch Spaceballs and eat brownies.

Helps freshen breath
- In my opinion any animal that has the ability to lick its own genitals should posses the ability to use a toothbrush. Why don't I ever get calls from those telemarketers, "Hello Mr. Bannon we're currently raising funds for research that would genetically alter animals so that they can brush their own teeth. Would you be interested in making a donation?" Hell yes!

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December 1, 2005

Oprah on Letterman Tonight

Worlds are colliding; Oprah Winfrey is going to be on Late Show with David Letterman tonight. Has Oprah finally developed a sense of humor and can now laugh at herself? Of course not...she’s just got something to sell. The visit is more than likely to promote her Broadway musical of the Color Purple than to bury the hachet with Dave.

Letterman has softened over the years but hopefully he doesn’t just rollover for Oprah. My hope is that he has an Andy Kaufman-like plan in place where he’s really only appeared to have mellowed over the years in an attempt to lure Oprah back to the show only to tear into her like a thanksgiving turkey.

I doubt it though, it’s more likely that he’ll play nice (possibly in attempt to get he back on the show where she's totally let her guard down...and then...wham...muh-ha-ha!!!).


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November 18, 2005

Scrubs back Jan. 2006...Maybe

Scrubs may return in January 2006 according to Zach Braff in his recent video post at his blog. He's just as much in the dark as everyone else about the series return. The good news is that despite not being aired new episodes are still being created, 7 of 22 episodes for Season 5 are already complete.

Check out Zach's full video where also explains what he's been up to lately.

At least Scrubs - The Complete Second Season is now out on DVD which should tide everyone over until then.

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November 15, 2005

American Inventor

Have you got a million dollar idea or product?
Willing to give it away for 15 minutes of fame?
Willing to be mocked on national tv by some third string celebrity because they think you're invention is stupid or possibly resembles something that can be used for sexual pleasure?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions you could be a contestant on American Inventor

American Inventor is the brain child or acid tongued American Idol judge Simon Cowell. Premiering in May 2006 American Inventor is currently looking for inventors / inventions for its new show.

Much like anything else in television you'll probably have to sign away all your rights to appear on the show. Scanning the FAQ quickly it appears you'll probably retain some portion of royalties.

Here's a list of cities they will be visiting:

San Francisco November 17th
Denver December 1st
Chicago December 4th
New York December 7th
Washington DC December 11th
Atlanta December 14th


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October 27, 2005

Simpsons Mania

This Sunday in Toronto at the Steam Whistle Brewery is Simpsons Mania. Hundreds of pieces of artwork from The Simpsons will be on display and also available to purchase. Director Bob Anderson will also be on hand doing sketches.

Sunday October 30th
12 - 6pm
Steam Whistle Brewing
Free Admission

How sweet would it be to have part of the actual Simpsons hanging up in your house. Anyone want to lend me a few thousand dollars, I'll let you come over and look at whatever I buy anytime you want.


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October 14, 2005

Kenny vs. Spenny Returns

A couple of years ago the CBC did something totally shocking, they added new and decent programs to their stagnet lineup. Of these new shows there was one good show and another great show. The good show was Chilly Beach which is animated show about two hockey jersey wearing canucks who live in a village which is essentially an iceberg where they go about driving every Canadian stereotype into the ground . New episodes of Chilly Beach are still being aired (Tuesday 5:30).

And then there was Kenny vs. Spenny. It's exactly what it sounds like roommates Kenny and Spencer (Spenny) each week go head-to-head in a specific task to find out who's better. Who can stay awake the longest, who is the sainest and so on. Spenny is the straight and narrow guy who tries to do everything by the book to come out on top. Kenny on the other hand will do anything at all costs to win. Kenny vs. Spenny only ran for a year on CBC before it moved off into re-run land on the Game Show Network.

Kenny vs. Spenny is back on Showcase starting this Sunday at 9:30. Granted not a great timeslot going up against American Dad (but I have satellite and can catch the west coast feed so it doesn't matter). Serving as a lead in to Trailer Park Boys (probably Showcase's flagship show) it should do very well. There's no new American Dad on this week and probably for the next couple (because of baseball) so you'll be able to check it out without having to decide between the two.

This week's challege: Who can drink the most beer?

(thanks to Dart for the heads up)

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October 10, 2005

Smurfs get Bombed

UNICEF has produced a short Smurfs movie in which the Smurf village is bombed into rubble, leaving behind dead and dying Smurfs in a scene reminiscent of an Hieronymus Bosch painting. The video is part of a public education campaign on the ravages of war.

Here is the closest thing I've found to the actual video (it's about 30 seconds in and is only stills). Anyone able to find this on the net please send me the link and I'll post it.

Here's the clip featured on a news program.

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October 7, 2005

Scrubs - First Signs of Life for 2005

Fall TV is in full swing and still no sight of Scrubs. I’ve heard rumblings that it’s been pushed back to mid-season (January) because of Zach Braff’s (JD) film schedule. This is the first sign I’ve seen of any thing new that’s Scrubs related.

TV guide is switching from Digest format (4 X 6 ?) to magazine format (8” X 10 ½”). I don’t know if this applies in Canada or Ontario or just the stores I visit where they switched a slightly larger format here about a year ago. As a send off the old format TV guide has put out 9 editions of recreated classic covers of using contemporary stars.


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September 28, 2005

Meet the Gaghan’s

Another reality show, another pool, this time it’s The Amazing Race. This years Amazing Race is a little different than previous editions that featured teams of 2 racing all over the globe as one by one each team finishing last at a checkpoint was eliminated. This year its teams of four; the family edition. All members on each team are related. This year from what I’ve read the race is confined mostly to North America.

I drew The Gaghan’s. Ohh man how bad is my luck. I get stuck with the family with the second youngest player ever, a nine year old girl (second only to Austin of The Black’s who fell in a puddle of water and had to call for help…they were eliminated).

Meet the Gaghan’s

Bill (Father) – 40 –

Bill works in jet-engine sales and admits his biggest pet peeve about himself is his lack of patience. Bill is hoping the Race will show his family the importance of working together as a team and the benefits of never giving up.

Translation – Hot head who's only joy in life comes from screaming at his wife and kids because they’re never good enough!

Tammy (Mother) - 42 –

Tammy is a substitute teacher for her local school district. Having lived in Korea for over three years, Tammy and Bill have traveled extensively. Both compete in marathons across the country and are planning to run one in each state.

Translation – You know what they say about teachers, well at least she can run! Keep running Tammy or your husband's going to leave you.

Billy (Son) – 12 –

Billy is entering seventh grade and describes himself as outgoing and adventurous. His mother says he's currently going through typical pre-teen mood swings and hopes that this won't interfere with his ability to focus on the Race. Billy's favorite activities are football and running. He intends to show his dad that he has what it takes to compete in the Race.

Translation – You’ll never be good enough for Dad and Mom is in denial and blaming everything on puberty. Outgoing and adventurous, should read, I really can't wait to go to college and find me a boyfriend.

Carissa (Daughter) – 9 -

Carissa, who will be in the fourth grade, is playful and silly. While she is one of the younger Racers, her dad feels her keen eyes and fighting spirit will make up for her small size. She enjoys running with her dog, Blaze, and playing soccer. Carissa wants to show her parents that she is a tough competitor ready to take on the adults in the Race.

Translation – You’re damn right you enjoy running because if you stop running, daddy won’t love you anymore, now get out there and give me another 10k before dinner.

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September 21, 2005

My Name is Earl

I checked out My Name Is Earl yesterday for two reasons:

1. I'm a fan of Jason Lee he's always been great at whatever he's been in and this looked like it suited him.

2. I got these wicked beer "My Name Is Earl" promotional coolers from the Dodgers game I went to when I was in California and hey that seemed like the best opportunity break one in and drink beer...on a my underwear.

Anyways the premise is pretty simple, Earl is a lowlife who after scratching a $100,000 winning ticket loses it seconds later, learns about Karma from Carson Daly and decides to change his ways. Once Earl starts to change his ways his lotto ticket finds its way back to him (Thank god! that would be ridiculously painful to have the ticket be within his grasp every episode only to have it get away from him). Earl sets out on righting his wrongs and helping everyone on he's previously wronged on a list he's made.

The episode has it's funny moments but borrows heavily from other shows trademarks. There's the lead character who also serves as the narrator, Jason Lee does a great job but obviously following the lead of other great shows, Scrubs and Arrested Development. There's also the flashback sequences (which are seriously being done to death. The only thing that is out pacing shows doing rip-off flashbacks is recent buzz of 'the bleeped swear words'...oohhh cheeky!!, thankfully Earl doesn't have that.) which are also from Scrubs(*note - not forgetting to give credit to the flashback kings, Family Guy but Earl's flashbacks are relevant flashback not bizarre non-sequiturs like Family Guy.)

Hopefully they can turn things around in episodes to come and fully exploit the talented cast and not turn so heavily to blatantly ripping-off other popular shows. I'll check it out agian.

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September 16, 2005

Survivors - Brandon and Rafe

We did the draw just before the start of Survivor. I hadn’t done any research into this Survivor and really only knew that one survivor was a former NFL quarterback for Dallas and that he was disguising his identity from other contestants and that two former survivors were going to be introduced into the game. We didn’t know in what capacity the old survivors were going to be introduced so we left them out of the draw.

We rounded up 8 people for this edition of survivor so everyone got two survivors with none left over (this was before they added Steph and Bobby-Jon). I ended up with Brandon and Rafe. Damnit! I ended up with the gay guy. I’m willing to bet that Rafe isn’t printed on his birth certificate and that it’s probably Ralph and he stole the name from Ralph Finnes (pronounced Rafe) and changed the spelling because everyone kept calling him Ralph.

Of course I’m totally guessing that he’s the token gay guy he hasn't come out yet. Only thing that is making me hesitate is upon reading his bio they mention several time "his family" but I think they're reffering to his parents not his wife and kids. If he's not gay how do you explain that he looks like he’d wearing that bandana like a neckerchief even if he wasn't on Survivor and didn't have to. Maybe I’m wrong and he’s just a giant mama’s boy (citing his mother as his hero).

And then there’s Brandon, the farmer complete with Indiana Jones Hat. He doesn’t think much of these city slickers and if can fly low he might be my dark horse. I don’t know if he has the brains required to outwit everyone, listing his greatest accomplishment as climbing to the top of a radio tower.

I don’t stand a chance at winning.

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September 15, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala Starts Tonight

The granddaddy of all reality shows starts up again tonight, Survivor: Guatemala. I don’t really think that Survivor falls into the Reality-TV genre. I kind of think of it as a game show where the contestants are forced to sleep over while the host subjects them to the elements and various other forms of torture. I really could care less for the personal relationships that develop throughout the game. I also usually tend to side with the most dishonest backhanded person playing because what everyone playing seems to forget as they’re always spouting off with how they played the game with integrity and honesty is that it is in fact A GAME and everything that happens should be weighted accordingly.

To keep things interesting I put a pool together and depending on the number of people in it you usually get 2 survivors ( 1 from each tribe) with the remaining survivors either discarded or sometimes available for purchase after losing one of your own survivors. I’ve never even come close to winning, time to try again.

I’ll post my players after I know who I have.

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August 30, 2005

Summer is over, Bring on the new TV shows

Summer's over, well almost but as far as TV is concerned it is. New fall shows are already being rolled out. Generally new shows and new episodes of returning shows don't surface until the third week in September when ratings are examined to determine the advertising rates for the year (this is also know as "sweeps" as most network put out their best to get the most eyeballs on their stuff so the can charge more for advertising).

Last night FOX's first new show of the season premiered, Prison Break. With the huge success of Lost last year expect networks to bring all kinds of series with large story arcs and anything that made Lost great. Much like everything else in TV if someone comes up with a good ideas there will be 5 more ripoffs the next year.

Prison Break was well done and interesting enough to warrant another viewing but don't ever forget that it's on FOX and that it will probably be cancelled if it's half decent. If anyone needs any proof of this watch the first 2 minutes of the first episode of Family Guy after it returned to the air where Peter rambles off every show that was cancelled in Family Guy's three year absence.

Here's a list of upcoming new shows, as TV is pretty much a wasteland and if a show isn't an instant hit it's dumped I've had to cut down the list to shows that I'll check out and ones that just seem so bad you wonder how anyone convienced anyone to make them in the first place, courtesy of Kevin Williamson of the Calgary Sun:

( MONDAY AUG. 29) PRISON BREAK (Fox): A man, desperate to save his imprisoned brother from execution, launches a preposterous plan to break him out of prison. Balk all you want at the show's plot -- the pilot episode is a big, energetic entertainment.

(THURSDAY, SEPT. 8)REUNION (Fox): This potboiler follows a group of tight-knit friends over the course of 20 years in a single season. The premiere is set in 1986. Expect deceit, sex, murder and loads of top 40 tunes from the past two decades.

(SUNDAY SEPT. 11) THE WAR AT HOME (Fox): This family sitcom stars Michael Rappaport, who just wants to keep his kids in check. So he sends them to Iraq. Really. Except for the Iraq part.

(TUESDAY, SEPT. 13) BONES (Fox): David Boreanaz, formerly of Angel, plays an FBI agent teamed with Patricia Cornwell-esque crime solver.

(FRIDAY SEPT. 16) THRESHOLD (CBS): Aliens plot to invade Earth by rewriting our DNA. Gorgeous Carla Gugino (Sin City) and not-gorgeous Brent Spiner (Star Trek's Data) must stop them.

(MONDAY, SEPT. 19) KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL (Fox): Based on the real-life memoir of a New York chef, this series from Darren Star (Sex and the City) treats chefs like rock gods.

(MONDAY, SEPT. 19) HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (CBS): The wonderful Alyson Hannigan (Buffy) takes a surprising supporting role (along with Neil Patrick Harris, formerly of Doogie Howser fame) in this sitcom about a man who is relating the story of how he met his wife to his children.

(MONDAY, SEPT. 19) OUT OF PRACTICE (CBS): Aaaaaay! Henry Winkler a.k.a. The Fonz is the newly divorced (from Stockard Channing) patriarch of a clan of dysfunctional lawyers.

(MONDAY, SEPT. 19) SURFACE (NBC): In this science fiction adventure, the aliens come not from the stars but from the deep (as in ocean).

(TUESDAY SEPT. 20) MY NAME IS EARL (NBC): Jason Lee (Almost Famous) stars in the season's funniest new show, about a scumbag who sets out to help all the people he's wronged in his life.

(WEDNESDAY SEPT. 21) INVASION (ABC): A hurricane in Florida may be just a smokescreen for an alien attack. Stars former Calgarian Kari Matchett. Cannily paired with Lost.


(WEDNESDAY SEPT. 21) E-RING (NBC): Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper in the Pentagon. Slickly made, from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI).

(THURSDAY SEPT. 22) EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS (Citytv): Chris Rock produces and provides voiceover for this autobiographical account of his childhood.

(THURSDAY SEPT. 22) CRIMINAL MINDS (CBS): Ever wonder what CSI would've been like if Mandy Patinkin had played Gil Grissom? Now you know.

(FRIDAY SEPT. 23) GHOST WHISPERER (CBS): Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts see dead people.

(FRIDAY SEPT. 23) KILLER INSTINCT (Fox): Cops battle deranged psychotic criminals -- and their own demons.


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August 29, 2005

I'm all over it

When I first saw this show last year I thought it was some low budget flash cartoon that had graduated from the internet to Canadian cable. I quickly dismissed it and moved on. I don’t know what I was thinking. I recently caught on to the show because I had my PVR setup to record Drawn Together, which only had eight episodes and the comedy network quickly threw Odd Job Jack into it’s timeslot, Saturdays at 9:30 on the Comedy Network.

The show premise is pretty simple, every week Jack (voiced by Don McKellar, who is much less annoying in animated form) heads down to the temp agency to get a new assignment. Every episode is chalk full of political incorrectness, Canadian references and celebrity guest voices. They really put a lot into the show’s website, it contains video clips and a new flash game for every episode, downloads, and contests. There’s a lot of time to be wasted on this site.

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August 19, 2005

NEW TV - Will the site suffer because of it...probably!

I got my new TV and stand yesterday. It's a slight upgrade from 15" to 32"....ohhh yeah!!

Here's the original setup.

1. TV - 15" Toshiba with built in DVD player - Got the job done but was a bit of a strain for any movie with subtitles.
2. TV Stand - Actually a bench from an old sewing machine - yes that is a purple top covering...not gay!
3. DVD Player - Another DVD player - you can never have too many DVD players.
4. Surround Sound Receiver - I bought this on Boxing Day and yes I did hook it up and use it on that TV.
5. VHS player - Used only as a gauge to see how dusty the room is.
6. Expressvu Receiver w/ PVR - The TV making machine, remarkably stubborn when the OFF button is pressed.
7. A Candle - A gift...not gay!
8. Various animated television shows and movies.
9. Alexander Keith's Wall Plaque - I got it for Christmas, my birthday's coming up, maybe I'll get a hammer for my birthday so I can hang it up.
10. Gamecube - NOT GAY!!! - Best video game system around.

And now...

Despite the TV being huge the wall behind it appears to be rather bare. Possibly hanging the Keith's plaque that's leaning against the wall and adding some baseboards would finish it off nicely.

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August 17, 2005

TV DVD's worth Checking out.

The only thing better than TV is TV on DVD. No commercials, on demand, extra features, behind the scenes, and commentary. You can't beat a marathon of your favourite shows at the tips of your fingers.


Don’t painc the packaging hasn’t changed (that much), the yellow plastic homer head is just a cheap blister pack. Underneath I’m fairly certain is the standard packaging from the five previous seasons on DVD. I didn’t want to tear into in the store to confirm but it felt like it. Anyways this is season 6 and it’s the second season where The Simpsons are really hitting their stride. Classic episodes include: Who shot Mr. Burns Pt. 1, Homer the Great, A Star Is Burns plus many more.


I knew if I held out long enough it would come around. Note: never fall for the compilation DVD’s, if it’s as good as you remember it being they’ll release the entire season and you’ll be kicking yourself for having multiple copies of episodes.

It's time to raise the curtain on THE MUPPET SHOW! Join Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, the Swedish Chef, and more in the first season of this groundbreaking twist on the classic Variety Show. Contains all 24 episodes, which have been completely restored and remastered. The bonus features also include something you were never meant to see: the original "pitch reel" that propelled the Muppets' blend of original songs, sketch comedy, and guest stars into a primetime hit for all ages!

I was so mad when I heard this show was cancelled. Why does this keep happening to all my favourite shows? Damn you and your lowest common denominator shows, TV!!! Unique shows never stand a chance at finding their audience because they're always yanked before word of mouth can spread. At least it’s now available on DVD.

Proving that "reapers are anything but grim company" (Cleveland Plain Dealer), this "deliciously dark comedy about the afterlife" (Newsday) returns for "a second season as strong as its first" (Philadelphia Daily News). Thanks to breakout star Ellen Muth's prickly charm, Dead Like Me has "an amusingly odd and touching energy all its own" (Detroit News and Free Press). After more than a year as a grim reaper, George (Muth) has realized that being a teenager in the afterlife is as complex as in real life. There are still unrequited crushes, agonizing dilemmas and the occasional bad attitude. Along with her kooky "co-reapers" Mason, Daisy, Roxy and Rube, George struggles to collect souls while managing her own awkward development…into an adult reaper!

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August 10, 2005

New on Teletoon's 'The Detour'

Teletoon's The Detour which runs animated shows geared towards mature audiences is the Canadian equivalant to the US' Adultswim on the Cartoon Network and runs from 9pm to 2 am nightly, is throwing some new shows into the mix. Three new original half hour shows that just happen to be Canadian produced. I'm not pumping this up because they're Canadian but because I'm glad to see that Teletoon is finally producing original content (granted The Wrong Coast is from TMN but c'mon).

Running such large blocks of animation seven days a week burns up all those great quirky shows that never seems to make it past that near impossible hurdle of 13 episodes pretty quickly. Any fresh meat is greatly appreciated. Joining the roster this summer / fall are:

Sons of Butcher
Premiered August 5th 9:30 pm EST

Butchers by day...rockers by night! Sol, Ricky and Doug of Sons of Butcher Quality Meats try to make it as rock-gods. It looks like it's a majority of flash animation except the heads which look to be traced from captured live footage. Check more great stuff at

Station X
Premieres: August 12th 9:30 pm EST

Station X follows six Canadian media savvy late teens and earlier twenties who live in a loft together as they explore a different theme each episode. Themes such as violence, chance, madness etc. This half hour series is comprised of original animation and unusual film clips.

The Wrong Coast
Premieres: August 19th 9:30 pm est

Claymation parody of Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. Taking the piss out of all the celebrities who need it. Mashing together current movies to create ridiculous movie previews for films like, My Big Fat Greek Matrix and Texas Chainsaw Manicure.

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August 9, 2005

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats - Ho!

Thundercats part 1 of season 1 came out on DVD today. If only I had the disposable income to buy all these "classics" they keep putting out from my youth. I haven't seen the thundercats since it was still being produced.

I'm sure it probably doesn't stand up to the test of time or my memory but it would be good to go through the series once more and pick up on the references and innuendo that totally went over your head when you were a kid.

Here's the premise of the series:

In a distant galaxy, the world of Thundera is in crisis. The planet's structure has become unstable and is near collapse. With their destruction imminent, Thundera's denizens--known as the Thundercats--escape in a spaceship and plot a course for a new home. While in transit, the Thundercats are attacked by evil mutants and their craft is irreparably damaged. Jaga, the eldest Thundercat, sacrifices himself in order to pilot the ship safely to its destination: Third Earth

Try getting a TV show, let alone and childrens animated show produced with a pitch like that.

Someone please buy it and lend it to me.

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August 8, 2005

This is going to screw up my TV schedule

America under the guise of "energy conservation" is going ahead and changing daylight savings time with little regard to anyone else. I guess we're going to have to go and change as well or will be out of sync for the first two weeks of March and the first week of November.

This is totally going to screw up all kinds of hardware that is pre-programmed to change with daylight savings time. I just know I'm going to end up with the latest episode of Gilmour Girls when I sit down to ready to watch the newest Family Guy and American dad I taped the night before.

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