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September 16, 2005

Survivors - Brandon and Rafe

We did the draw just before the start of Survivor. I hadn’t done any research into this Survivor and really only knew that one survivor was a former NFL quarterback for Dallas and that he was disguising his identity from other contestants and that two former survivors were going to be introduced into the game. We didn’t know in what capacity the old survivors were going to be introduced so we left them out of the draw.

We rounded up 8 people for this edition of survivor so everyone got two survivors with none left over (this was before they added Steph and Bobby-Jon). I ended up with Brandon and Rafe. Damnit! I ended up with the gay guy. I’m willing to bet that Rafe isn’t printed on his birth certificate and that it’s probably Ralph and he stole the name from Ralph Finnes (pronounced Rafe) and changed the spelling because everyone kept calling him Ralph.

Of course I’m totally guessing that he’s the token gay guy he hasn't come out yet. Only thing that is making me hesitate is upon reading his bio they mention several time "his family" but I think they're reffering to his parents not his wife and kids. If he's not gay how do you explain that he looks like he’d wearing that bandana like a neckerchief even if he wasn't on Survivor and didn't have to. Maybe I’m wrong and he’s just a giant mama’s boy (citing his mother as his hero).

And then there’s Brandon, the farmer complete with Indiana Jones Hat. He doesn’t think much of these city slickers and if can fly low he might be my dark horse. I don’t know if he has the brains required to outwit everyone, listing his greatest accomplishment as climbing to the top of a radio tower.

I don’t stand a chance at winning.

Posted by hypnobee at September 16, 2005 4:13 PM