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September 16, 2005

Nintendo's New Controller

I've always been a fan of Nintendo and have almost every console they've put out. The next generation console up from the Game Cube is the Nintendo Revolution, a release date has not been set but it will most likely be out for Christmas next year.

Behold the new controller...it looks strikingly similar to your standard TV remote except a hundred times better and about 50 less buttons. The whole concept behind this bad boy is that you tip the controller to get it to respond instead of using the standard D-pad or analog joy stick.

This means when you're playing driving or bowling games and you instinctively lean into the corners or pull off to one side with the controller in your hand this will be the way you will be controlling the game from now on. I wonder how this will affect the game play of those who like to move around like crazy when they're playing. Check out the promo video

Hopefully it's more ergonomically comfortable and easier to use then it looks but one thing is for sure that the name 'Revolution' isn't just a buzz word.

Posted by hypnobee at September 16, 2005 2:06 PM