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March 31, 2006

Mordant Singles Archives March 2006

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March 30, 2006


A Comic By Mike Bannon

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March 29, 2006

Gervais on the Simpsons

There was a pretty decent interview done with Ricky Gervais creator and star of the original UK version of The Office, in the Calgary Sun this past weekend. He wrote and starred in this Sunday's past episode of the Simpsons.

"For the past 10 years, my ambition was to just get a joke on The Simpsons. To be writing and starring on an episode is ridiculous ... It's got everything. It's funny, it never forgets to be funny -- it's wickedly satirical. It's like one of the greatest Trojan horses for the best satire I think on television at the moment.


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March 28, 2006

Yard Work

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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March 27, 2006

Good Movies

Since I posted about how many bad movie I've seen lately things have turned around considerably. With the exception of Scary Movie, which might possibly be the worst spoof movie I've ever seen.

V for Vendetta - I haven't read the graphic novel so I don't know how close to the source material it was. I found out just before sitting down to watch V that it wasn't directed by the Wachowski brothers, that they only wrote the screen play. That being said it was a bit misleading by associating the matrix with this movie. While V wasn't filled with your usual vigilante fair it was a solid movie.

She's the Man - I'll pretty much go to any movie if you ask me. I was surprised how decent this movie turned out to be. Amanda Bynes was a pretty convincing guy, albeit it she was a little emo-boy so it wasn't too much of a stretch. I could've done without the "mighty ducks" like soccer at the end of the film.

Stay Alive - I went into this movie not expecting much as every other horror / suspense movie I've seen lately has been a total let down. This movie was full of gut twisting suspense. Besides the sub-par acting the only fault in the movie was the classic downfall of so many movies; the love interest that appears for no reason, totally unnecessary.

Inside Man - Great caper movie. The movie had a great feel of real characters that acted and talked like you would expect them to. Every character had their moments which didn't show them in the best light, it was really refreshing.

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March 23, 2006

Spring is Here

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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March 21, 2006

Everythings Trademarked

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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March 20, 2006

Peter Griffin on Letterman


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Super-Hero TM

Can you believe this?

Marvel Comics is continuing in its bid to steal the word "super-hero" from the public domain and put it in a lock-box to which it will control the key. Marvel and DC comics jointly filed a trademark on the word "super-hero." They use this mark to legally harass indie comic companies that make competing comic books


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March 17, 2006

Alan Moore Interview Pt. 2

Here's a link to part two of The Beat's interview with Alan Moore regarding V for Vendetta as well as other projects he has in the works.

"Nobody knew. As Neil Gaiman pointed out to them later when he was saying, look it's a horrible situation you're in with Alan. You know as well as he did that back when he signed that contract, nobody could have predicted that these books would remain in print for that long."

Part 2

Part 1

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March 16, 2006

Tom Green Injured and I may be a bad person

I don't think I'm a bad person but sometimes I wonder.

Tom Green says he is lucky to be alive after being slammed by a wave on a beach in Central America, People.com reports.

"I actually tried to lean into (the wave), as if that would keep me in my footing. It was like leaning into a freight train. And I was gone. I felt my life flash before my eyes," he writes. " Milliseconds later I slammed hard onto the rocks... I could feel the cracking of bone."

I picture this and can't help but laugh really hard. Does that make me a bad person? I'm the type of person that if you were to slip and fall on the ice I'd be right there laughing but I'd also be the first person to help you up.


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Desk Guard 6000

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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March 15, 2006

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is out this week. It's the first movie from the Wachowski brothers since the matrix triolgy. I've been pretty pumped to see this movie for quite a while.

The movie V for Vendetta is based on the comic book of the same name from the late 80's written by Alan Moore. Although you won't find his name attached to any of the comics he's done that have been turned into movies. Check out these great articles detailing his falling out with Hollywood.

[NY Times Article]
[A for Alan pt.1]

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March 14, 2006

Behold...Google Mars

Not nearly as interesting as you would imagine. Or maybe it is and I'm just not that interested.


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Even Some Pirates Hate Mondays

A Comic By Mike Bannon More Comics [ Technorati Tags: , , , ]

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March 13, 2006

Soo Many Bad Movies

I haven't posted a movie review here in soo long. It's mainly because everything I've seen lately doesn't deserve the effort. I figured I've seen enough bad movies now that if I compress them all into a single post it might be worth it.

HOODWINKED - People knock the animation. I had no problem with the animation it was just a painfully drawn out movie (funny because it was only 90 minutes long). The only redeeming point was the always entertaing Patrick Warburton who voices the wolf. I hear they're making a sequel...joy!

UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION - Nowhere near as good as the first one. I appreciated the little catch up they did at the start of the movie to bring everyone up to speed but they should've handed out family tree charts so I could follow along for the rest of the movie.

ANNAPOLIS - I'm not sure this movie knew what it was about. It has some of the worst filmed boxing seen on the big screen ever.

FINAL DESTINATION 3 - I loved the first two but this one seemed way too gory and way too dumbed down and predictable with the whole photograph thing.

FREEDOMLAND - Just a mess. Not entertaining at all.

ULTRAVIOLET - The more movie Milla Jovovich does the more it seems the Resident Evil (only the first one) and The Fifth Element were just flukes. This movie was "give a 7th grader 50 million bucks to write and direct his own movie" bad.

16 BLOCKS - Bruce Willis as Bruce Willis in a movie that Bruce Willis is always in! I don't have a problem with Bruce Willis and usually enjoy whatever he's in. This was probably the best movie I've seen so far this year. I don't know if I could recommend it though, I was just throwing that out there as a guage on how bad the movies have been this year. Too bad the ending was so transparent.

THE HILLS HAVE EYES - If the movie was one tenth the preview made it out to be this movie would've been great. Instead it was boring and predictable. The director uses the same tricks (unsuccessfully) over and over to build tension. The opening credits filled with stock footage of nuclear explosions and pictures of mutated babies is about as good as it gets for this piece of garbage.

FAILURE TO LAUNCH - That's right I saw it. You got anything to say about that? Wanna Fight? Also it was a brutal chick flick which women seemed to find enormously entertaining for some reason.

Next up. V for Vendetta.

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March 12, 2006

3 out of 5 days (3 out of 10 for effort)

Aside from the standard two new comics mordantorange.com was pretty much a wasteland for posts last week. I blame everyone else for either not having anything interesting to say which I could just quote and pretend that it's original content or that no one posted something that was just so ridiculous that I had to rip into it. Either way you look at it, it's not my fault.

I could promise better this week but as you can see it's not really in my hands.

Channel Frederator posted Seth McFarlene's short Zoo Mates (1998) which was original part of the Oh Yeah Cartoons series. It's pretty crappy, lame jokes, lame laugh track. You're not missing out on much.

The belly of the polar bear and when he's getting washed in the machine are the only visual clues that I could pick up on that Seth McFarlene had anything to do with it.

I don't know how to link it directly but if you download episode 19 of the podcast it's the first short. The rest of the episode is also rather weak.

This short pretty much sums up last week.

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March 9, 2006


A Comic By Mike Bannon

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March 7, 2006

Proportional Pricing

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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March 6, 2006

Live Action Simpsons Opening

Check out this cool live action Simpsons opening from the UK's Sky TV.

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Credit Free

I arrived home Friday night from The Rock game to find a message on my answering machine from Master Card which lead to me finding out that my other (remaining) credit card had been cancelled.

I only used this card a handful of times just after my Visa number was stolen the first time back in January. Apparently one of the places I went to was broken into and there were either credit card receipts missing or something but they decided to cancel my card just as a procaution.

Now I have no credit cards, at least I don't have to worry about anyone else ripping me off.


My card was a citibank mastercard. It looks like it maybe part of something a little larger. I came across this at Boing Boing this morning

Jake called Citibank's international customer support number, and soon learned that the lockout was part of a much larger fraud crisis -- by no means the only data security issue at Citibank in recent months. Jake continues: The supervisor identified herself as a manager named Carla ID#CRU194. I identified myself as an upset customer whose account was locked for some unknown reason. She asked me a few questions about my location, my issue and then informed me that my card was suspected of fraud. Naturally, I perked my ears up and asked for details of any fraud. She informed me that there had been no direct fraudulent transactions on my account. Rather, she informed me that the ATM networks of Canada, Russia and the United Kingdom have been compromised. I used the term class break as a question and she repeated that there has been a class break of the ATM networks in those countries. The ATM network in Canada has been compromised and as a result, using my ATM card over the Canadian network locked my account automatically. She informed me that this has been an ongoing issue for the last two weeks. When I asked why there was no media attention, she said she wasn't sure. I said it was a pretty big deal and she agreed.
She informed me that I would have to return to the United States to change my pin number before my card would be valid and in a usable state again. When I informed her that I would be traveling outside of the United States for at least a few months, possibly up to six, she repeated that I would have to re-enter the United States to fix the problem.



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March 3, 2006

This Tops Poppi

I think I could sit and laugh and this picture all day. Actually that was what most of my afternoon consisted of yesterday when I stumbled across Dan Krall's sketch blog.

Last Night I went to the Indian Restaurant by my hotel in Portland. I saw the chef licking his arm in the kitchen, when he looked around to see if anybody caught him our eyes locked. It was magical

Dan's got a bunch of other great sketches up be sure to check it out.

[Link via Cartoon Brew]

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March 2, 2006

Tough Trade

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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March 1, 2006

Who Wants My Visa Number

I got my visa statement in the mail today, apparently I've been back to Quebec to buy some more gas (see previous posts) That's right, after two short months my new credit card number has been stolen again. It looks like $400 bucks worth this time. I can't be certain until of the total until the paper work comes through.

What a hassle, I just finished setting up all my automatic payments for this new card.

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