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September 30, 2005

Thank You News Media – Flightplan Ruined

Apparently the plot twist in the movie Flightplan is news worthy and worth spoiling the movie for. I laid in bed this morning as the radio newscasters gave away the big twist in the movie. I hadn’t decided if I was going to watch the movie (mainly because the trailer appears to give away most of the movie) but now I don’t have to.

Isn’t there some other hurricane brewing somewhere that you should be milking and generating fear about?

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September 29, 2005

Sports Illustrated - NHL Ranking

The NHL season is gearing up and since I've jumped ship on the Leafs(I thought briefly about climbing back on when all the youth had been added to the team but decided against after Pat Quinn commented recently how they haven't gotten around to practicing power plays or penalty kills yet) and figured I'd better name my team before the season starts so I can look like a genius at the end of the year instead of a band wagon jumper.

I'm not a big sports guy, I'll watch the game and know the players names but I don't watch or read any sporting news. So here's my pick for what it's worth.

I'm going with the Boston Bruins as my new team.

I think Calgary, Tampa, Philly, San Jose, Nashville and Florida will all be there at the end of the year but I know one thing for sure. Boston will finish above Toronto.

Check out Sports Illustrated ranking: (Toronto 20th...sounds about right to me)


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Savage Dragon is Pissed

An open letter from Erik Larson (Creator of Savage Dragon) tearing into everyone in comics telling them to get off the coat tails of past creations and make something new. An interesting letter which could easily applied (and refernces) the glut of remake movies / television series.

That's your legacy?

If you died tomorrow, you'd be fine with that?

That's pathetic.

What have you done, which is really yours? What characters will you leave behind? What can you point to as being something near and dear to your heart? What work are you most proud of?


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September 28, 2005

Meet the Gaghan’s

Another reality show, another pool, this time it’s The Amazing Race. This years Amazing Race is a little different than previous editions that featured teams of 2 racing all over the globe as one by one each team finishing last at a checkpoint was eliminated. This year its teams of four; the family edition. All members on each team are related. This year from what I’ve read the race is confined mostly to North America.

I drew The Gaghan’s. Ohh man how bad is my luck. I get stuck with the family with the second youngest player ever, a nine year old girl (second only to Austin of The Black’s who fell in a puddle of water and had to call for help…they were eliminated).

Meet the Gaghan’s

Bill (Father) – 40 –

Bill works in jet-engine sales and admits his biggest pet peeve about himself is his lack of patience. Bill is hoping the Race will show his family the importance of working together as a team and the benefits of never giving up.

Translation – Hot head who's only joy in life comes from screaming at his wife and kids because they’re never good enough!

Tammy (Mother) - 42 –

Tammy is a substitute teacher for her local school district. Having lived in Korea for over three years, Tammy and Bill have traveled extensively. Both compete in marathons across the country and are planning to run one in each state.

Translation – You know what they say about teachers, well at least she can run! Keep running Tammy or your husband's going to leave you.

Billy (Son) – 12 –

Billy is entering seventh grade and describes himself as outgoing and adventurous. His mother says he's currently going through typical pre-teen mood swings and hopes that this won't interfere with his ability to focus on the Race. Billy's favorite activities are football and running. He intends to show his dad that he has what it takes to compete in the Race.

Translation – You’ll never be good enough for Dad and Mom is in denial and blaming everything on puberty. Outgoing and adventurous, should read, I really can't wait to go to college and find me a boyfriend.

Carissa (Daughter) – 9 -

Carissa, who will be in the fourth grade, is playful and silly. While she is one of the younger Racers, her dad feels her keen eyes and fighting spirit will make up for her small size. She enjoys running with her dog, Blaze, and playing soccer. Carissa wants to show her parents that she is a tough competitor ready to take on the adults in the Race.

Translation – You’re damn right you enjoy running because if you stop running, daddy won’t love you anymore, now get out there and give me another 10k before dinner.

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Towel Collector

I think I've somehow become a collector of free towels in the last couple weeks here's a glimpse of my collection.

Most Meaning - Drive for Five
I got this from the championship game for when the Toronto Rock were going for the fifth franchise championship in 7 years. They won and I've got the towel to remember it always!

Most Recent Edition - Hitchhikers Guide
This is the most recent edition to my collect and I think this towel probably pushed me from a mere person who has a few free towels into a full on collector. Three towels is just a coincidence but four, if that's not a start of a collection I don't know what is.

My First Towel - Complimentary Hand towel from the Mandarin
This is the towel that started it all, some might say it doesn't really qualify because it was stolen. I say if your going to use the word "complimentary" and not expect someone to take the towel home with them, maybe you should think about using a different word.

My Favourite - LA Dodgers
This is probably the nicest towel I have in both quality and aesthetic value. I'm not a Dodgers fan but I wasn't one to look a gift-towel in the mouth.

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September 27, 2005

MMmmm...Butternut Squash

I gave up on the hope of Undergrads ever coming back to TV about 2 years ago. This 13 episode series ran on teletoon almost and still does nightly. Butternut squash is the closest thing that fills the gap left by Undergrads. It has the same sort of feel to it, complete with Star Wars references. I’d say it leans a little more towards adult humor but presented in a PG manner but if you liked undergrads you’ll like this as well.

Butternut squash is jumping from the web on to paper, with a 40 page comic book coming out (or maybe out, check your local comic shop). Sure it’s mainly comprised of the strips that are already available on the web but could it mean another 40 page comic in another month…who knows.

Check it out.

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Ryan Adams - Cold Roses, Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Cold Roses: It took me a long time to finally buy this disc. I wasn't really a Ryan Adams Fan, I'd bought Rock N Roll upon a suggestion by a co-worker. It was okay but Adams vocals began to wear on me. I figured I would pass on his next release. Cold Roses came out and I ignored it. The same co-worker started playing Cold Roses at work and I liked what I heard. It was much more alt country and Adams voice seemed less laboured. This double disc is the first of 3 discs he's planning to release this year. Jacksonville City Nights is due out Sept. 27th and another by Christmas.

Sufjan Stevens - Illinois: I thought it would be a cool idea to listen to this CD when I was in O'Hare airport waiting to change planes. It was a 40 minute layover, I was only able to get through half of the disc. Some how watching people strip off their shoes and belts to go through security didn't really help me connect to this CD as I thought it would. I picture it being much more effective on a summer road trip popping this disc into the car as your cross the state line.

This is the second state covered by Stevens on his ambitious project of creating a disc for every state. Most wrote it off as a joke when he released the first in the series and even more when Stevens followed it up with another disc that wasn't in the series. If he continues releasing great disc's like this people won't be so quick to laugh off his plan and look forward to the next state.

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September 26, 2005

A $16.48 Lesson for me, Free to you

I recently placed an order on Amazon.com. I usually go through amazon.ca but I'm finding more often that .com is offering a lot better prices even with the dollar difference. So I place the order and have them ship it to my friends who lives in the states and they travel back and forth often enough that it works out pretty good.

I ordered a book which cost $19.79, wanting to qualify for the free shipping I tacked on a CD to bring me up over the minimum order required for free shipping. I forward the shipping details to my friend to let him know its coming. He informs me that he's not coming back again until Christmas. He does have people visiting that could bring it back if the package arrives before Tuesday (this was taking place on Friday).

I log back into amazon and pull the CD I tacked on to qualify for the shipping and change the delivery method to UPS Next day service to see how much it would cost. $16.48 (US) and delivery by Monday.

$16.48.. Wow that was a little pricey. I tried to switch it to another method of shipping but amazon wouldn't let me. My order was already being processed and there was nothing I could do about it....ahhh crap!

$16.48 shipping on a book that only cost $19.79

Still with the price of the book plus shipping it comes to $42.44 (CAN) and amazon.ca wants $38.42 (and for some reason is shipping it from the UK..3-5 weeks delivery) with tax it comes to $44.18 so I still end up saving $1.74

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Hotel Convention

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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September 25, 2005

Free Magnet

I came home from work to find a door hanger with a free magnet on it.

Top 10 Reasons to check out RIVER CITY CHURCH

10. Rockin’ live music every Sunday!

Rockin' music...alright I'm listening...You better not being using the apostrophe trying to act cool. I swear the second I hear Creed I'm outta there.

9. Dress casual – come as you are!

Well which is it... come as you are or dress casual. Right now I'm not wearing any pants. I feel most casual when I have my shirt without sleeves on.

8. Enjoy Canada’s favourite cup of coffee.

I don't drink coffee and I don't know what Canada's favourite cup of coffee is. I could assume that it's Tim Hortons and that would definitely get some butts in the seats. It's probably just clever wording, Canada's favourite cup of coffee is a black cup of coffee....ahah! you Tim Horton's junkies just got up early on Sunday for a cup crappy coffee!!

7. Continental breakfast served every morning.

Continental breakfast...could there be any wider description of the term breakfast. Anyone who's stayed at any number of motels offering a continental breakfast knows what I mean. A cup of coffee and juice are pretty standard after that who knows. I believe in most cases the food available is inversely proportional to how hungry you are.

6. A great place to meet people.

They pack you into seats where you sit closer to someone then in the backseat of a car and there's a mandatory handshake. If that's not icebreaker city I don't know what is, now if that guy at the front would just shut up for 5 minutes I could make my move.

5. Cool Kid’s programs.

I hate Cool Kids.

4. Creative services that are sure to touch your heart and awaken your spirit.

Ahhh the catch... I knew this coffee and week old bagel with margarine came with a catch. Ohh look fresh shiny matching track suits for everyone.

3. Topics that are relevant to YOUR life.

Something tells me that they should've used the words "should be" instead of "are" because I'm pretty sure they're not going to be talking about last week's episodes of Survivor or Lost.

2. Did we mention the coffee and the continental breakfast?

Actually yes you did. This isn't much off a top 10 list if items 2, 7 and 8 can be combined into a single point. I mean c'mon that's 30% of your list. You're losing me.

1. Remove the MAGNETIC card below and find out (Below magnetic card, The #1 reason is…YOU!)

"You" what kind of a reason is that. I am not a reason to check out River City Church, that doesn't even make sense. It's just like Letterman's top 10 lists, #1 always sucks. Thanks but no thanks, I'll just keep my free magnet.


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September 23, 2005

Japanese Mafia Responsible for Hurricanes

I knew it*

According to weatherman Scott Stevens of KPVI-TV in Pocatello, Idaho the Japanese Mafia are responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

Here's how they're doing it

Scientist have discredited Stevens by stating "C'mon, He's a weatherman!"

*By saying "I knew it" I actually meant, I'm not surprised to see someone coming up with some ridiculous theory and not settling for the cut and dry case of neglect and poor planning that resulted in the devastation.

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September 22, 2005

Slimy Car Salesmen

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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September 21, 2005

Finally a reason to visit Italy

An enormous pink bunny has been erected on an Italian mountainside where it will stay for the next 20 years.


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My Name is Earl

I checked out My Name Is Earl yesterday for two reasons:

1. I'm a fan of Jason Lee he's always been great at whatever he's been in and this looked like it suited him.

2. I got these wicked beer "My Name Is Earl" promotional coolers from the Dodgers game I went to when I was in California and hey that seemed like the best opportunity break one in and drink beer...on a tuesday...at 8pm...by myself...in my underwear.

Anyways the premise is pretty simple, Earl is a lowlife who after scratching a $100,000 winning ticket loses it seconds later, learns about Karma from Carson Daly and decides to change his ways. Once Earl starts to change his ways his lotto ticket finds its way back to him (Thank god! that would be ridiculously painful to have the ticket be within his grasp every episode only to have it get away from him). Earl sets out on righting his wrongs and helping everyone on he's previously wronged on a list he's made.

The episode has it's funny moments but borrows heavily from other shows trademarks. There's the lead character who also serves as the narrator, Jason Lee does a great job but obviously following the lead of other great shows, Scrubs and Arrested Development. There's also the flashback sequences (which are seriously being done to death. The only thing that is out pacing shows doing rip-off flashbacks is recent buzz of 'the bleeped swear words'...oohhh cheeky!!, thankfully Earl doesn't have that.) which are also from Scrubs(*note - not forgetting to give credit to the flashback kings, Family Guy but Earl's flashbacks are relevant flashback not bizarre non-sequiturs like Family Guy.)

Hopefully they can turn things around in episodes to come and fully exploit the talented cast and not turn so heavily to blatantly ripping-off other popular shows. I'll check it out agian.

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September 20, 2005

All you can eat but only one napkin.

I’ve noticed that more and more restaurants are adopting the one only napkin policy. I’m not talking about the cloth napkin you get where you place it on your lap or tuck it into the top of your shirt if you know you’re a total slob. I’m talking about the paper napkin that provides the comfort zone of cleanliness between the table that gets the casual wipe down between feedings and the silverware that usually has some sort of food stuck to it.

These places for the majority serve meals where some if not all of the meal is consumed by using your fingers. Wouldn’t it be nice to wipe off your hands when you want take a sip of your drink or maybe use the ketchup? Why do they only give you one? Is there some sort of paper shortage that I’m not aware of?

I don’t feel that I should have to ask for extra napkins. It should be provided as a necessary piece of equipment required for the meal. They don’t bring you a bowl of soup and make you beg for a spoon, so why should I have to ask for extra napkins when I order chicken wings. What happened to napkin dispensers?

The solution, I think I’ll take to wiping down my hands on any fabric surface that I can find that isn’t my shirt or pants ( I was brought up better than that). Hello booth with the curtains!

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September 19, 2005

Another Sunday Cleanup

I spent another Sunday cleaning up my place with the eventual hope that someone will actually come over and stay for more than 15 minutes without making up some excuse so can leave and go home and shower.

This weekend I fixed up the dinning room. I don't really need a dinning room so I pretty much just piled my CD's there making it an extension of the living room. I can't really ever see myself needing a dinning room, I have a kitchen and I can eat in it so really who needs a dinning room. I think they're on their way out anyways, does anyone even have good china anymore?

Here's a little BEFORE and AFTER action.


Note the intracate filing system. Every CD has a place and every CD is in it's place.


My filing system was working fine for me before but I couldn't really be bothered to show everyone how to find something when they came over so I decided to toss them up on the shelf and go with something a little more conventional.

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September 16, 2005

Survivors - Brandon and Rafe

We did the draw just before the start of Survivor. I hadn’t done any research into this Survivor and really only knew that one survivor was a former NFL quarterback for Dallas and that he was disguising his identity from other contestants and that two former survivors were going to be introduced into the game. We didn’t know in what capacity the old survivors were going to be introduced so we left them out of the draw.

We rounded up 8 people for this edition of survivor so everyone got two survivors with none left over (this was before they added Steph and Bobby-Jon). I ended up with Brandon and Rafe. Damnit! I ended up with the gay guy. I’m willing to bet that Rafe isn’t printed on his birth certificate and that it’s probably Ralph and he stole the name from Ralph Finnes (pronounced Rafe) and changed the spelling because everyone kept calling him Ralph.

Of course I’m totally guessing that he’s the token gay guy he hasn't come out yet. Only thing that is making me hesitate is upon reading his bio they mention several time "his family" but I think they're reffering to his parents not his wife and kids. If he's not gay how do you explain that he looks like he’d wearing that bandana like a neckerchief even if he wasn't on Survivor and didn't have to. Maybe I’m wrong and he’s just a giant mama’s boy (citing his mother as his hero).

And then there’s Brandon, the farmer complete with Indiana Jones Hat. He doesn’t think much of these city slickers and if can fly low he might be my dark horse. I don’t know if he has the brains required to outwit everyone, listing his greatest accomplishment as climbing to the top of a radio tower.

I don’t stand a chance at winning.

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Nintendo's New Controller

I've always been a fan of Nintendo and have almost every console they've put out. The next generation console up from the Game Cube is the Nintendo Revolution, a release date has not been set but it will most likely be out for Christmas next year.

Behold the new controller...it looks strikingly similar to your standard TV remote except a hundred times better and about 50 less buttons. The whole concept behind this bad boy is that you tip the controller to get it to respond instead of using the standard D-pad or analog joy stick.

This means when you're playing driving or bowling games and you instinctively lean into the corners or pull off to one side with the controller in your hand this will be the way you will be controlling the game from now on. I wonder how this will affect the game play of those who like to move around like crazy when they're playing. Check out the promo video

Hopefully it's more ergonomically comfortable and easier to use then it looks but one thing is for sure that the name 'Revolution' isn't just a buzz word.

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The Early Worm

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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September 15, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala Starts Tonight

The granddaddy of all reality shows starts up again tonight, Survivor: Guatemala. I don’t really think that Survivor falls into the Reality-TV genre. I kind of think of it as a game show where the contestants are forced to sleep over while the host subjects them to the elements and various other forms of torture. I really could care less for the personal relationships that develop throughout the game. I also usually tend to side with the most dishonest backhanded person playing because what everyone playing seems to forget as they’re always spouting off with how they played the game with integrity and honesty is that it is in fact A GAME and everything that happens should be weighted accordingly.

To keep things interesting I put a pool together and depending on the number of people in it you usually get 2 survivors ( 1 from each tribe) with the remaining survivors either discarded or sometimes available for purchase after losing one of your own survivors. I’ve never even come close to winning, time to try again.

I’ll post my players after I know who I have.

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The Exorcism of Emily Rose

If you go into this movie expecting to see 2 hours of what they show in the trailer you'll be sorely disappointed. If you on the other hand read a few reviews or synopsis you'll have a better idea of what your getting yourself into.

I enjoyed the movie but I would be a little disappointed if I was going into to it thinking it was a full-on horror movie which the trailers imply and not the hybrid of courtroom drama and horror it actually is.

I doubt either part of the movie is strong enough to stand on it own but woven together it makes a half interesting movie. The horror part was done really well with an excellent job done Jennifer Carpenter as Emily Rose with all the crazy contorting and rigid moves, but I just couldn't seem them sustaining an entire movie with it and it not coming off as a rip-off of The Exorcist. The courtroom part of the movie was decent but I don't think the case nor the character were strong enough to pull it off.

I don't know if I can give it a full out recommendation as it wasn't a stand out great movie but it was at least entertaining... and really that's all it needs to be isn't it?

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September 14, 2005

Time To Start Saving for The Next Trip

Still running on Pacific Time (actually I'm not but why not milk the excuse while you can) and I'm a little late with Today's post.

With my vacation to California done it's time to start saving up and looking forward to the next one which I hope to take sometime in early February. You know that grueling stretch between New Years and Easter where there isn't any damn holidays.

Next stop, British Columbia or Calgary.

I can't help but think of snowboarding being around all the mountains in California. This year instead of paying the ridiculous fee for a seasons Pass at Chicopee with it's stunning vertical drop of 500 ft. I'm going to put that money towards my trip and go hit some real mountains.

Too tune up and for fun I'm going to get a really reasonably priced Seasons Pass at the best mountain in Ontario, Blue Mountain. It's an hour north of work (but 2 hours back home). I have a friend who lives in town at work so hopefully I can crash there and head to work the next day from there instead driving the crazy 2 hours home just to come right back.

I'm torn between which pass to get:

$79 for ages 6+ as of September 1, 2005

The New Night Value Pass is valid for lift access (weather and conditions permitting).

* 5 nights a week Sunday through Thursday from 4:30 pm to 10 pm (excluding Sunday December 25, 2005 through Thursday January 5, 2006)

* The night season is scheduled to start Thursday December 15, 2005 and will end on Sunday March 19, 2006

5 x 7 PASS:SKI & BOARD UP TO 95 NIGHTS & 75+ MIDWEEK DAYS! (All prices +GST) EARLY BIRD 5 x 7 PASS PRICING UNTIL OCTOBER 24, 2005 $149 for ages 6+ as of September 1, 2005

The 5 x 7 Pass is valid for lift access (weather and conditions permitting).

* 5 days a week Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm (excluding Monday December 26, 2005 through Friday January 6, 2006)

* 7 nights a week 4:30 pm to 10 pm. The night season is scheduled to start Thursday December 15, 2005 and will end on Sunday March 19, 2006

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September 13, 2005

I'm Home - Man what a dump!

I apologize to anyone who's stopped by in the last few days expecting something new but I've been away on a little mini-vacation. I went to LA to visit some friends. I hope to post more on that later.

I wanted to setup some posts before I left to cover the 3 weekdays that I was going to be away (thurs, fri and mon) but I ran out of time. I was doing dishes at 4:30 in the morning before I left as an indication on how rushed I was. I had just enough time to clean up so that if I died in a fiery plane crash my place wouldn't look like a some homeless person had been squatting in it for the past 6 months.

I arrived home at 1:45 in the morning monday (tuesday). Home sweet Home. I opened the door, Oh man what a dump! As I moved from one room to the next I realized that the few days I'd spent away from my house (and in an immaculate well kept home)had distanced me enough from my day-to-day piles of crap that cover every flat surface and the floor have grown wildly out of control. Every room has stuff all over the floor and looks ransacked and would only require a few accents such as rotting food, a couple of stray cats and the smell of urine to completely transform it into a squatter's paradise.

I been justifying the way that I live by saying that there's no sense in putting stuff away or putting up shelves because I'm just going to have to take it down to paint. Well it's been 9 months since I moved in and I've only painted one room and it still looks like a dump because I haven't put up any shelves.

I think it's time to clean this place up. I'm going to take some nice BEFORE pictures and hopefully I can post them with some great AFTER shots. Or maybe it would just be easier to get a couple of cats.

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September 8, 2005

Gorillaz to tour in 2007....in 3D

Oh man...my mind is racing just thinking about this. The Gorillaz are going on tour and will be projected in 3-FREAKIN-D!! Holograms!! I wasn't even aware we had this technology. I can't possibly wrap my brain around it. I'm in this time for sure if they swing by here (Toronto, which I'm sure they will) just to see the visuals.

When the Gorillaz put out their last CD they attempted to tour it but it was met with dismal results. Esentially the band played live behind a drop sheet and the Gorillaz were projected on to it. It sounds a little cold and detached.

There will be a preview of "Feel Good Inc" that will take place in London in late October.


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September 7, 2005

The Transporter 2

I should’ve known what I was getting into; the only scene I can vividly recall from the first Transporter is when Jason Statham deflects a surface to air rocket with a serving tray. Transporter 2 is pretty much the same thing, check your brain at the door and get ready for car chases and prop fighting.

I can accept when characters beat on each other senseless with pipes while busting through walls and falling off buildings only to get up, straighten their tie and shake the dust off their jacket but what I can’t accept is total disregard for physics. The Transporter shows a total lack of respect towards gravity and inertia, which I think when done to an extreme that they were done in this movie it tends to take you out of the movie and leaves you shaking your head.

People are starting to mention Jason Statham as a replacement for Pierce Brosnan as James Bond which I find absolutely ridiculous. Frank Martin is James Bond but without the cool gadgets and product placement. The Transporter looks to be spun into an on going franchise so I can’t see him jumping to Bond. Transporter 3 will probably be out in the summer of 2007 and I’ll probably go see it and I’ll only remember the ridiculous fight scene on the plane from Transporter 2.

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September 6, 2005

LOST Season 1 DVD

Lost came out on DVD today. I just came from futureshop where I had to put it down, not because I couldn’t really afford it (It’s only $53 CDN…that’s only a tank of gas for my Toyota Corrolla…damn price of gas is going to kill me!) but because I’m not going to have time to watch it right away. And what’s the point of buying something you really want to watch but don’t have the time to.

I’m able to reason that this would be a worthwhile purchase by the following reasons besides the obvious two points being that all the episodes are available at the tip of my fingers and that there are no commercials:

- Episodes were shot in 16:9 format but shown (for those that don’t have HD) in 3:4 (pan and scan) so that’s like 30% of every episode that I’ve never seen.

- 7 Hours of extra features. They don’t appear to be those stock, behind the scene deals where they include a half dozen shows on some DVD’s that just recycle the same footage over and over.

- Commentary on 4 episodes. I love commentaries, why only four though? I imagine that you can’t go too far into the commentary without revealing future plot lines. But four episodes seems like a decent enough effort.

Maybe I'll buy it and call in sick to work one day, that was I be able to watch it and I'll be saving money buy not buying gas that I'd need to get to work. Sounds Like a plan.

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I took Bacala’s advice and decided to live life to its fullest and played some videogames. On Sunday (or the only day I didn’t work during this past long weekend – day) and rented Flatout for PS2 (No I don’t own a lousy PS2, but I’m not too proud not too play on one when given the opportunity).

Flatout is your basic rally driving game with various courses that take place in various locations, street, track, forest, construction site, city block etc. In career mode you buy a junk car at the start and by winning races accumulate prize money which you can use to sup up your car. There’s a little twist that brings the game up to the next level of enjoyment.

If you totally smash up your car the driver is thrown through the windshield like a rag doll and sent flying through the air until something gets in his way, like say a tree or a brick wall and then wham! or he just runs out of forward motion and lands on the ground in a twisted heap. It’s pretty life like (or at least seems like it as I haven’t seen a body fly through the air before) My only complaint is that the torso always remains intact as the limbs flail. I guess there’s something to work on for Flatout 2.

Furthering this gimmick there are over a dozen mini-bonus games to be unlocked in which you use your driver to compete in various challenges of ejecting someone through a windshield. High jump, long jump, bowling, darts…where does it end?

Besides the flying bodies it’s a solid racing game with a ton of tracks to unlock and vehicles to buy. The soundtrack is horrible so I recommend turning off the music and cranking your own tunes. A worthy rental besides the music. It’s available on every platform going. There’s also a download available.

I don’t know how many times you can see a person fly through a windshield and not get bored of it but after 8 hours of continuous play I still find it amusing to watch a limp body fly through the air and land in a heap on the ground.

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September 2, 2005

Sons of Butcher Starts Tonight

Just a reminder that Sons of Butcher starts tonight on Teletoon at 9:30pm. Check out the official website for cool stuff.

Butchers by day....Rockers by night.

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The Singing Fish

Everyone knows and takes advantage of the fact that when you’re driving alone in your car and you’re not sitting in traffic that you have the total freedom to be the biggest retard you want. I love rolling up to the lights and looking over and catching these people.

While I was buzzing along the back roads on the way up to work this morning, Weezer’s “We’re All on Drugs” came on the radio. Weezer totally ripped off the childhood classic, Diarrhea song. So I was sing the Diarrhea song at the top of my lungs over the already cranked radio but that didn’t seem to be enough. I decided that I should sing it like a fish so I opened my mouth and used my tongue as my bottom lip. I looked in the rearview mirror, “Yeah! That totally looks like a fish!” Then I look back to the road and see a nurse in full scrubs trying to wave me down. I pull over to help, she is doing home care and no ones answering the house she supposed to go to and her cell phone has no signal. I don’t have a cell but tell her about the variety store a half a block away where she can call the office.

I’m positive she saw me singing along… as a fish.

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Rising Costs

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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