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September 6, 2005

LOST Season 1 DVD

Lost came out on DVD today. I just came from futureshop where I had to put it down, not because I couldn’t really afford it (It’s only $53 CDN…that’s only a tank of gas for my Toyota Corrolla…damn price of gas is going to kill me!) but because I’m not going to have time to watch it right away. And what’s the point of buying something you really want to watch but don’t have the time to.

I’m able to reason that this would be a worthwhile purchase by the following reasons besides the obvious two points being that all the episodes are available at the tip of my fingers and that there are no commercials:

- Episodes were shot in 16:9 format but shown (for those that don’t have HD) in 3:4 (pan and scan) so that’s like 30% of every episode that I’ve never seen.

- 7 Hours of extra features. They don’t appear to be those stock, behind the scene deals where they include a half dozen shows on some DVD’s that just recycle the same footage over and over.

- Commentary on 4 episodes. I love commentaries, why only four though? I imagine that you can’t go too far into the commentary without revealing future plot lines. But four episodes seems like a decent enough effort.

Maybe I'll buy it and call in sick to work one day, that was I be able to watch it and I'll be saving money buy not buying gas that I'd need to get to work. Sounds Like a plan.

Posted by hypnobee at September 6, 2005 1:13 PM