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September 6, 2005


I took Bacala’s advice and decided to live life to its fullest and played some videogames. On Sunday (or the only day I didn’t work during this past long weekend – day) and rented Flatout for PS2 (No I don’t own a lousy PS2, but I’m not too proud not too play on one when given the opportunity).

Flatout is your basic rally driving game with various courses that take place in various locations, street, track, forest, construction site, city block etc. In career mode you buy a junk car at the start and by winning races accumulate prize money which you can use to sup up your car. There’s a little twist that brings the game up to the next level of enjoyment.

If you totally smash up your car the driver is thrown through the windshield like a rag doll and sent flying through the air until something gets in his way, like say a tree or a brick wall and then wham! or he just runs out of forward motion and lands on the ground in a twisted heap. It’s pretty life like (or at least seems like it as I haven’t seen a body fly through the air before) My only complaint is that the torso always remains intact as the limbs flail. I guess there’s something to work on for Flatout 2.

Furthering this gimmick there are over a dozen mini-bonus games to be unlocked in which you use your driver to compete in various challenges of ejecting someone through a windshield. High jump, long jump, bowling, darts…where does it end?

Besides the flying bodies it’s a solid racing game with a ton of tracks to unlock and vehicles to buy. The soundtrack is horrible so I recommend turning off the music and cranking your own tunes. A worthy rental besides the music. It’s available on every platform going. There’s also a download available.

I don’t know how many times you can see a person fly through a windshield and not get bored of it but after 8 hours of continuous play I still find it amusing to watch a limp body fly through the air and land in a heap on the ground.

Posted by hypnobee at September 6, 2005 9:44 AM