July 16, 2007

Soundwave - MP3

Sure he's not in the movie but it's an absolute no brainer that this is coming out. Soundwave as a MP3 player.

It also happens to be one of the best looking toys for the new Transformers I've seen so far. Probably because they didn't mess with original design too much by remove all the fun by turning him into some brittle jaggy toy you're afraid of breaking. Unfortunately it's $105!! I don't know if I want to meet the spoiled little brat that ends up with one of these.

I had Soundwave when I was a kid, lost him in a corn field along with my swiss army knife, man that was a bad day. I must've looked for 2 weeks for him.


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February 9, 2007

Nintendo Mii - The Office

I'm glad people aren't wasting their time screwing around with video games and are turning out worthwhile stuff like this.

Check out the entire cast of The Office (US) in Nintendo Mii's

Awesome. (must suppress urge to go buy Wii)


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January 26, 2007

More Crappy Transformer "Toys"

I might be coming across as a bit of a Transformers geek but I barely qualify as a casual fan. I came across this and thought it was so ridiculous that I had to share it.

A couple weeks ago I posted about the first toys emerging for the new Transformers movie. It was some sort of fiery-comet-motorcycle-thingy or a plastic ball of crap that transformed into a robot. Now we've got Convoy and Megatron Transformers that transform into a half scale Nike running shoe.

That's right kids a plastic shoe that's too small to actually wear. This is ridiculous, a shoe! C'mon who wants to play with a shoe, even poor kids have better toys than this. Ohh the minutes of fun they'll have!

This has me wondering if the movie is going to be a giant commercial moving from one product placement to another. Can't Wait!

I have to admit it does look like a pretty sweet shoe.

[Link via Gizmodo]

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January 10, 2007

A Plastic Ball of Crap

Here's some more evidence that the new transformers movie is going to be garbage. Look at this toy. Sweet a fiery-comet motor cycle or something. Enjoy kids!

[Link via Major Spoilers]

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January 5, 2007

Because Just Swinging a Controller Around Makes You Look Stupid

How awesome is this!

Check out these sweet snap-on accessories for your Wii Remote. I'd love to show up at someones house with a high end briefcase and pull out these puppies all customized.

$22 seems like a fair price.

[Link via Gizmodo]

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December 6, 2006

Japanese Wii Manual

If you needed another reason to love the wii take a look at these actual scans from the japanese manual. My japanese isn't the greatest, actually I can only count to 3 (thank-you Sloan) and recite certain line, about a certain Mr. Roboto but I'll give it a try.

After winning the Super Bowl on Madden 07 do not pretend the Wii is the coach and proceed to douse him ice cold Gatorade. The Wii does not crave electrolytes.

The Wii wants you to think it's cool please don't let the Wii smoke, it's asthma is really bad.
The Wii is not to be used as Native American sweat lodge.
While marked Wii-Bag, Wii-Bag is not a state of the art virtual reality helmet it's just a bag and not part of the actual system.
No one wants to see you tie a knot in the twist tie in your mouth, come back when you can braid the entire power cord.
The Wii is not to be played with your single Aunt who likes to play softball and watch the LPGA because when you tell her she throws like a girl, her famous short temper will return and result in physical violence.
You won't need your lucky clover the Wii's cooling system doubles as a lucky charm using a 60/40 blend of liquified leprechauns and rabbit's feet.
Compatibility between your iheart; ipod-pacemaker and Wii Remote will not be available till summer of 2007


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August 16, 2006

I've Always Been A Nintendo Fan

Looks like Nintendo is out to reclaim their crown as #1 console with their new system.


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August 14, 2006

Lost Figures

Tell me this wouldn't look cool sitting on top of my monitor.

From McFarlane Toys due out in time for Christmas this year.

The Hatch Box Set


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September 16, 2005

Nintendo's New Controller

I've always been a fan of Nintendo and have almost every console they've put out. The next generation console up from the Game Cube is the Nintendo Revolution, a release date has not been set but it will most likely be out for Christmas next year.

Behold the new controller...it looks strikingly similar to your standard TV remote except a hundred times better and about 50 less buttons. The whole concept behind this bad boy is that you tip the controller to get it to respond instead of using the standard D-pad or analog joy stick.

This means when you're playing driving or bowling games and you instinctively lean into the corners or pull off to one side with the controller in your hand this will be the way you will be controlling the game from now on. I wonder how this will affect the game play of those who like to move around like crazy when they're playing. Check out the promo video

Hopefully it's more ergonomically comfortable and easier to use then it looks but one thing is for sure that the name 'Revolution' isn't just a buzz word.

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August 29, 2005


I was checking out the awesome line of toys coming out for Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride when I stubbled across these bad boys. Coming out in November. With one of these figurines sitting on top of my computer monitor I don't know if I'd ever get any work done ever again.

Check out the whole series

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