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December 6, 2006

Japanese Wii Manual

If you needed another reason to love the wii take a look at these actual scans from the japanese manual. My japanese isn't the greatest, actually I can only count to 3 (thank-you Sloan) and recite certain line, about a certain Mr. Roboto but I'll give it a try.

After winning the Super Bowl on Madden 07 do not pretend the Wii is the coach and proceed to douse him ice cold Gatorade. The Wii does not crave electrolytes.

The Wii wants you to think it's cool please don't let the Wii smoke, it's asthma is really bad.
The Wii is not to be used as Native American sweat lodge.
While marked Wii-Bag, Wii-Bag is not a state of the art virtual reality helmet it's just a bag and not part of the actual system.
No one wants to see you tie a knot in the twist tie in your mouth, come back when you can braid the entire power cord.
The Wii is not to be played with your single Aunt who likes to play softball and watch the LPGA because when you tell her she throws like a girl, her famous short temper will return and result in physical violence.
You won't need your lucky clover the Wii's cooling system doubles as a lucky charm using a 60/40 blend of liquified leprechauns and rabbit's feet.
Compatibility between your iheart; ipod-pacemaker and Wii Remote will not be available till summer of 2007


Posted by hypnobee at December 6, 2006 6:00 AM


Bravo, perhaps one of the funniest things you have ever posted. Well done!

Posted by: Bacala at December 6, 2006 8:11 AM