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September 28, 2005

Towel Collector

I think I've somehow become a collector of free towels in the last couple weeks here's a glimpse of my collection.

Most Meaning - Drive for Five
I got this from the championship game for when the Toronto Rock were going for the fifth franchise championship in 7 years. They won and I've got the towel to remember it always!

Most Recent Edition - Hitchhikers Guide
This is the most recent edition to my collect and I think this towel probably pushed me from a mere person who has a few free towels into a full on collector. Three towels is just a coincidence but four, if that's not a start of a collection I don't know what is.

My First Towel - Complimentary Hand towel from the Mandarin
This is the towel that started it all, some might say it doesn't really qualify because it was stolen. I say if your going to use the word "complimentary" and not expect someone to take the towel home with them, maybe you should think about using a different word.

My Favourite - LA Dodgers
This is probably the nicest towel I have in both quality and aesthetic value. I'm not a Dodgers fan but I wasn't one to look a gift-towel in the mouth.

Posted by hypnobee at September 28, 2005 6:00 AM