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September 26, 2005

A $16.48 Lesson for me, Free to you

I recently placed an order on Amazon.com. I usually go through amazon.ca but I'm finding more often that .com is offering a lot better prices even with the dollar difference. So I place the order and have them ship it to my friends who lives in the states and they travel back and forth often enough that it works out pretty good.

I ordered a book which cost $19.79, wanting to qualify for the free shipping I tacked on a CD to bring me up over the minimum order required for free shipping. I forward the shipping details to my friend to let him know its coming. He informs me that he's not coming back again until Christmas. He does have people visiting that could bring it back if the package arrives before Tuesday (this was taking place on Friday).

I log back into amazon and pull the CD I tacked on to qualify for the shipping and change the delivery method to UPS Next day service to see how much it would cost. $16.48 (US) and delivery by Monday.

$16.48.. Wow that was a little pricey. I tried to switch it to another method of shipping but amazon wouldn't let me. My order was already being processed and there was nothing I could do about it....ahhh crap!

$16.48 shipping on a book that only cost $19.79

Still with the price of the book plus shipping it comes to $42.44 (CAN) and amazon.ca wants $38.42 (and for some reason is shipping it from the UK..3-5 weeks delivery) with tax it comes to $44.18 so I still end up saving $1.74

Posted by hypnobee at September 26, 2005 6:00 AM