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September 15, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala Starts Tonight

The granddaddy of all reality shows starts up again tonight, Survivor: Guatemala. I don’t really think that Survivor falls into the Reality-TV genre. I kind of think of it as a game show where the contestants are forced to sleep over while the host subjects them to the elements and various other forms of torture. I really could care less for the personal relationships that develop throughout the game. I also usually tend to side with the most dishonest backhanded person playing because what everyone playing seems to forget as they’re always spouting off with how they played the game with integrity and honesty is that it is in fact A GAME and everything that happens should be weighted accordingly.

To keep things interesting I put a pool together and depending on the number of people in it you usually get 2 survivors ( 1 from each tribe) with the remaining survivors either discarded or sometimes available for purchase after losing one of your own survivors. I’ve never even come close to winning, time to try again.

I’ll post my players after I know who I have.

Posted by hypnobee at September 15, 2005 11:39 AM