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April 3, 2006

Marshmellows and The Junos

Fear not your comments on my latest comic have not forced me into to hiding. I've just been busy, oh too bad. That means there will be unsatisfactory comic tomorrow, enjoy!

Did anyone catch the Juno's on Sunday? I generally stay away from all awards shows because of many reasons (self congratulatory, boring, too long...). I still like to check in on the Junos from time to time because they have the best approach out of any awards show out there. They treat it as a concert. You can actually buy tickets at ticketmaster. They only hand out a handful of awards while squeezing as much live performances into a two hour time frame.

I'd point out Buck65's job as host/DJ, Broken Social Scene's performance, and Jan Arden's seal eye lid bra comment as the highlights of the evening. On the other side, what were they thinking when they asked Pamela Anderson to host (gotta love how she got booed for her seal clubbing remark). Also I could've done without all the Canadian Idol's being jammed down my throat.

Kalan Porter is the weirdest looking women I have ever seen.

[Link] - a pretty decent summary of the evening except for the dig at Broken Social Scene. They sounded great.

ps. anyone who can find the video of BSS from the Juno's let me know and I'll post it. Till then here's some cool pre-Juno's Video's

Posted by hypnobee at April 3, 2006 7:01 PM