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October 14, 2005

Kenny vs. Spenny Returns

A couple of years ago the CBC did something totally shocking, they added new and decent programs to their stagnet lineup. Of these new shows there was one good show and another great show. The good show was Chilly Beach which is animated show about two hockey jersey wearing canucks who live in a village which is essentially an iceberg where they go about driving every Canadian stereotype into the ground . New episodes of Chilly Beach are still being aired (Tuesday 5:30).

And then there was Kenny vs. Spenny. It's exactly what it sounds like roommates Kenny and Spencer (Spenny) each week go head-to-head in a specific task to find out who's better. Who can stay awake the longest, who is the sainest and so on. Spenny is the straight and narrow guy who tries to do everything by the book to come out on top. Kenny on the other hand will do anything at all costs to win. Kenny vs. Spenny only ran for a year on CBC before it moved off into re-run land on the Game Show Network.

Kenny vs. Spenny is back on Showcase starting this Sunday at 9:30. Granted not a great timeslot going up against American Dad (but I have satellite and can catch the west coast feed so it doesn't matter). Serving as a lead in to Trailer Park Boys (probably Showcase's flagship show) it should do very well. There's no new American Dad on this week and probably for the next couple (because of baseball) so you'll be able to check it out without having to decide between the two.

This week's challege: Who can drink the most beer?

(thanks to Dart for the heads up)

Posted by hypnobee at October 14, 2005 6:00 AM