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July 19, 2006

Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes

John K. lists the contents of the new Ren and Stimpy 2 Disc DVD set that came out yesterday.

3 Spike episodes
3 never been seen episodes
9 half hours total cartoon product.

Naked girls (by the # 1 cute girl artist-Katie Rice)
The 3 Things
Ralph Bakshi animated
First on screen live animated birth

Lots of supplemental material:
I introduce each cartoon and tell you the back story of how we came up with it. I even thrust my groin a couple times.
Meet the cartoonists-Eddie, Katie, Luke, Vincent, Annmarie, Steve (of Asifa Archives fame!) and Eric Goddamn Bauza himself!

A rare personal appearance by Dave Feiss (creator of Cow and Chicken)

Weird Al live justifies the existence of the set!

background paintings
model sheets

DVD Times has an almost exhaustive inside look and review of the DVD that if you were any sort of Ren and Stimpy fan back in the early 90's there's no way you wouldn't pick up this DVD once you've read through this article.

There's a great interview with John K. at IGN where he talks about how these episodes came into existince.

They asked me if I had any episodes that were rejected by Nickelodeon, and I said yeah, I've got tons of them. They said make them - make the ones that got rejected - so that's what we did: we took a bunch of stories that we wrote in 1990 and 1991 and produced them in 2003

He also goes into some detail on why he believes Ren and Stimpy seperate themselves from all the other TV animation being produced today. Also worth the read.

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