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August 19, 2005

NEW TV - Will the site suffer because of it...probably!

I got my new TV and stand yesterday. It's a slight upgrade from 15" to 32"....ohhh yeah!!

Here's the original setup.

1. TV - 15" Toshiba with built in DVD player - Got the job done but was a bit of a strain for any movie with subtitles.
2. TV Stand - Actually a bench from an old sewing machine - yes that is a purple top covering...not gay!
3. DVD Player - Another DVD player - you can never have too many DVD players.
4. Surround Sound Receiver - I bought this on Boxing Day and yes I did hook it up and use it on that TV.
5. VHS player - Used only as a gauge to see how dusty the room is.
6. Expressvu Receiver w/ PVR - The TV making machine, remarkably stubborn when the OFF button is pressed.
7. A Candle - A gift...not gay!
8. Various animated television shows and movies.
9. Alexander Keith's Wall Plaque - I got it for Christmas, my birthday's coming up, maybe I'll get a hammer for my birthday so I can hang it up.
10. Gamecube - NOT GAY!!! - Best video game system around.

And now...

Despite the TV being huge the wall behind it appears to be rather bare. Possibly hanging the Keith's plaque that's leaning against the wall and adding some baseboards would finish it off nicely.

Posted by hypnobee at August 19, 2005 8:09 AM