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August 9, 2005

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats - Ho!

Thundercats part 1 of season 1 came out on DVD today. If only I had the disposable income to buy all these "classics" they keep putting out from my youth. I haven't seen the thundercats since it was still being produced.

I'm sure it probably doesn't stand up to the test of time or my memory but it would be good to go through the series once more and pick up on the references and innuendo that totally went over your head when you were a kid.

Here's the premise of the series:

In a distant galaxy, the world of Thundera is in crisis. The planet's structure has become unstable and is near collapse. With their destruction imminent, Thundera's denizens--known as the Thundercats--escape in a spaceship and plot a course for a new home. While in transit, the Thundercats are attacked by evil mutants and their craft is irreparably damaged. Jaga, the eldest Thundercat, sacrifices himself in order to pilot the ship safely to its destination: Third Earth

Try getting a TV show, let alone and childrens animated show produced with a pitch like that.

Someone please buy it and lend it to me.

Posted by hypnobee at August 9, 2005 12:51 PM