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July 21, 2005

Hillside Festival

The Hillside Festival starts tomorrow in Guelph and runs till Sunday. I bought my tickets a while back when I heard The Arcade Fire and The Weakerthans were there. I went for the early bird weekend pass, $60. I also knew that Sam Roberts, The Stars and Buck 65 were going to be there which was just an added bonus. I decided to check out the lineup and was surprised to see how the lineups have grown.

I'm really pumped about going now.

Here's the lineup for the main stage, minus early afternoon stuff that I have no idea who they are:


7:00pm - Fembots
8:15pm - Lowest of the Low
9:45pm - The Weakerthans


7:05pm - Sara Slean
8:20pm - Stars
9:45pm - The Arcade Fire


4:10pm - Xavier Rudd
6:00pm - Most Serene Republic
7:00pm - Buck 65
8:15pm - Broken Social Scene
9:45pm - Sam Roberts

Lowest of the Low and Broken Social Scene nice little surprise there! This could be the show of the summer. So far it was the Modest Mouse / Broken Social Scene show at Olympic Island.

There's a ton of more stuff, like 2 other whole stages. The Hidden Cameras and Cuff the Duke are playing Saturday afternoon on The island stage, I'll have to check them out. Full lineup here

Sound awesome, well I hope you've got your ticket because it's totally sold out! See you there.

Wellington Brewery (my new favourite brewery) is also the official beer supplier. Be sure to bring you Hillside mug from last year, if not this year's mug is available for $1.50. You need a mug to get beer.

Posted by hypnobee at July 21, 2005 12:46 PM