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July 6, 2005

Rules for making mix CD's

Keeping with the thread of yesterday's post I thought I would throw out some rules that I use when making my mix CD's.

1. Never include the same artist more than once - If you're making a greatest hits comp that's fine but why not listen to the CD if you're going to put on 3 of the same artist on the cd.

2. Never use a lead off track as your lead off track - Someone might not know it a mixed CD and people are going to be disappointed if the second track is not the same as the album they have.

I might be a bit anal but I think when making a mix CD you will get a better mix CD if you follow these simple rules.

As always there are some exceptions to the rules, but try to abide by them and you'll thank me.

Posted by hypnobee at July 6, 2005 6:00 AM


Two rules does not a list make!

Posted by: John Smith at July 15, 2005 3:50 PM

Good point.

I was a bit rushed trying to put this "list" together.

Here's some more points I could round up. I hope the list's long enough for you now!

3. Don't include songs that reference a year and then say we're going to party like it's that year.

4. Don't include bands that reference themselves in their own songs. (Broke this rule..with The Hold Steady, but their the only exception I've found)

5. If you're going to include a track that's getting played relentlessly on the radio do everyone a favour and find a different version. Either acoustic, live, or remix will do.

Posted by: hypnobee at July 16, 2005 12:31 PM