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August 22, 2005

Buttermilk Anyone?

I took part in a car rally (part amazing race, part scavenger hunt) on Saturday. Each of the 6 teams left in 5 minute intervals and were given their starting clues and off they went. The first team circled the block and had everyone either laughing or scratching their heads (except for Darcy who laid out the course who began to panic).

It wasn’t a “race” but when you’re given a list of things to do and there’s a start and a finish line, you’re brain can only think one thing…RACE! We left as team three and after the 1st leg of the race we jumped into the lead. Along the course there were pit stops where you had to get out of the car and do something before you could get your next set of clues. There was bobbing for lemons and limes (who knew lemons floated and limes didn’t), playing black jack and doing shots of whiskey and/or buttermilk in the cemetery.

I did some shots of buttermilk (I was the driver), I’ve never drank buttermilk before this and I don’t think I’ll be doing it again. If you’ve never had buttermilk before I can only describe it as tasting like the fluid that gathers on top of sour cream or yogurt and the consistency of milk you can eat with a fork. I took one…actually 5 for the team. (The next day when I got up I could smell the buttermilk coming off of me, like when you have too much garlic except this was a stench of cultured dairy products)

Overall we were second across the line but actually finished fourth in points. Two of the six teams didn’t finish the race so really we finished last. A possible reason we didn’t end up on top would be that we totally neglected the scavenger hunt – It was slowing us down, if we wanted to finish first we couldn’t waste time looking for all these things. It was a great time and very well laid out thanks to Darcy and Amanda for putting together such a great event!

Posted by hypnobee at August 22, 2005 8:54 AM