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August 25, 2005

Howl's Moving Castle

I got a chance to see Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle last night. It was fantastic, although I'd like to see it in the original Japanese with subtitles because I'm pretty sure Billy Crystal's performance as Calcifer had quite a bit of adlibbing and would like to compare it to the original (or as close as I can come without actually understanding Japanese). Don't get me wrong I still thought it was a good performance it just seemed a little over the top, it could be that his voice was so instantly recognizable that it was slightly distracting.

Howl's moving castle is full of great characters and settings that are wildly imaginative. The castle itself and the wicked witch of the waste's henchmen were my personal favourites as visual highlights go. The backgrounds were also great with tonnes of detail creating an entire believable universe.

The only fault I can find with the movie was that it ended with a nice little neat bow on it a little too quickly. For a 2 hour movie it just seemed rushed at the end. I've only seen the last 3 Miyazaki movies but this seems to be a trait they share. It might be that Miyazaki is trying to keep you wrapped up in the world he's created until the last possible instance until he has to release you.

It might seem like a bit of a stretch to sit through if you're not an animation fan but I still think it's a great movie.

Posted by hypnobee at August 25, 2005 6:00 AM