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August 5, 2005

I'm done with Corporate Radio (Corus I'm looking in your direction)

I've heard the following phrase come out a DJ's mouth on several occasions in the last few weeks, "[insert band name] has a great new song out, you should hear it here in the next few weeks." On all instances where I've heard this comment the DJ has been talking about a CD that is already on the shelves and has been for months and the song they're talking about is on the same disc as the current single they're playing.

I'm so sick of hearing the same handful of songs on my hour long drive to and from work everyday. That's 10 hours of radio a week and your lucky if I hear 15 different songs. Often flipping from channel to channel you can hear the same song being played one after another on different radio stations (which are most likely owned by the same corporation). The rotation is so bad that even when they mix in older songs that aren't in the top 30 you hear the same song twice in the same day, once going to work and once coming home.

I'm done with Corporate Radio and now officially turning my back on you. I now support and listen to Public Radio. It didn't take me long to find a station that totally dwarfs anything I could hear in my car. There are some local public radio stations that have programming I like but they are only on at certain times on certain days.

KEXP.org from Seattle is where I've got it tuned to now. I listen for 8 hours straight a day streaming while I work and you'd be lucky to hear the same song twice in that span. They don't just play the current single they play the entire CD, rare, remixes and live stuff. They actually live up to the title of DJ. They also keep 2 weeks worth of archives of all programs so you can listen anything anytime you want. Along with that any band that comes in and plays live is permanently archived and can be easily accessed. It's also listener powered so request something if you want to hear it.

Check out John Richards in the morning. Support public radio because if you don't you'll only hear what some other corporate radio tard thinks will bring them the biggest audience.

Posted by hypnobee at August 5, 2005 6:00 AM