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October 31, 2005

Sunday Sloth = No post on Monday

Sunday I hit the sofa for an almost unprecedented amount of time, only beaten by a post-news years single sitting of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - extended edition.

I watched 3 episodes of Criminal Minds, not a bad show. I like Mandy Patinkin, and really just checked it out to see if he was as good as he was as Rube in Dead Like Me. It had it's moments but will likely fall into a paint by numbers murder show or become filled with ridiculous puns a-la CSI.

Then it was on to a couple episodes of Surface, this show started off strong but is quickly circling the drain. The only reason to tune in is Lake Bell. Who's really just a better looking version of Amanda Peet.

After that it was on to the Teletoon F-Night where new episodes (new to Canada and not available on DVD from adultswim) of The Brak Show and Harvey Birdman. Also watched Sons of Butcher and Venture Bros.

It was approaching 8pm and since the World Series ended sooner than expected I was getting ready to watch the new Simpsons Tree House of Horrors. Sweet, an actual Simpsons halloween special before Halloween, what a novel concept. But I was let down another batch of reruns.

Kenny vs. Spenny was on at 9:30 and thankfully it was new (and why shouldn't it be..it's not like it's on FOX). Who has the biggest balls? Not literally but who had the most courage. Another solid episode but for the second time during this season the challenge spiraled terribly out of control. But make no mistake still fun to watch.

After that I headed off to the big screen to catch the second movie of the weekend (it's been a while since I've done the double header). I went and saw STAY. A decent movie even though it takes and a little too long to get going and kind of stalls towards the end. Still a decent movie.

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