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November 22, 2005

Just Friends

I was pumped yesterday, I had won free tickets to go see an advance screening of Just Friends. I would be able to review a movie before it actually came out.

I took off from work early to go pick up my tickets in Kitchener. I arrived at the movie theater 25 minutes before the movie started to ensure a good seat, only to find out that the theater is already full.

What the hell... I was pissed. The manager explained that they overbook the theater to ensure that it's full. Apparently it says it right here on my ticket.

"Theater is overbooked to ensure capacity please arrive early. seating is on a first come first serve basis. Passes do not guarantee admission..."

I'd scan it to show you but the text is too small to pick up on a scanner. It's approximately 1/32" (0.79mm) tall. I don't know how I missed it.

While I was standing there trying to find another movie to watch so that the 20 minute drive and the 2 hours I took off work weren't a total waste, I saw approximately 20 people turned away with passes in hand. Do they not do any sort of research when determining the percentage to oversell by?

Let's see the theater capacity is 300 and it's free...and you know how people are when it comes to free stuff. Uninterested and hard to come by. I say we give away 900 tickets...yes that should do it.

They informed me that the pass can be used at another time to see the movie. I imagine that they will no doubt open the movie on Wednesday and it will have a "no passes" tag slapped on it so that I won't be able to go see it until it's been out for a month.

I understand that nothing in life is free and I thought the catch was that I was going to have to sit in a room for 2 hours with people that listen to 96.7 CHYM FM "Today's Lite Rock"

Posted by hypnobee at November 22, 2005 1:32 PM