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December 5, 2005

Aeon Flux

I was partly right on my assumption of why Aeon Flux wasn’t previewed for the critics. They tore it to shreds, currently sitting at 15% at Rotten Tomatoes. I on the other hand enjoyed the movie*

*(Well as much as you could enjoy a watered down PG version of a cartoon that is pretty close to an R rating. I didn’t know it was PG until I bought my ticket, it absolutely crushed any hope that I had that the movie was going to be good. I mean Harry Potter was PG-13.)

I never watched the original animated series but I did catch the odd glimpse of it from time to time back when it ran on MTV as part of Liquid Television. I can almost say with complete certainty that if you enjoyed the original you will be really disappointed with this version. Where the original is dark, cold and violent the movie has none of these things going for it. It’s just another case of Hollywood trying to play it safe and they end up make a mediocre movie that no one enjoys.

Posted by hypnobee at December 5, 2005 12:58 PM