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December 21, 2005

Even More Best of 2005 Lists

Another late post, my appologies to those of you who stop by in an attempt to kill off a few of the minutes that remain between you and the end of the week. I figured that this last week before the break would wind down at work and I'd have a ton of time to put together some posts. Quite the opposite has happened, they seem intent on squeezing every last drop of work out off me. Bastards! They've even gone as far as to ship me out to job sites so I can't even just sit at my desk and pretend to work.

Anyways here's some more Top music list of 2005 that will hopefully kill off some time.

First, Pitchfork has posted their Top 50 album selections of the year. Number 1, no surprise Sufjan Stevens - Illinois. Maybe because I kept up to date with the site for most of the year that there aren't too many shockers on the list but I've still got a good chunk of good music from 2005 to check out.

Out of 50 CD's Listed -

15 - I've listened to the entire disc.
8 - I Own.
9 - I Still Have to check out.

I only own 2 out of the top 10 and out of the 9 I have listed to check out 5 are from the top 10 (3,4,5,6 & 7)

Here's some other top music lists out there courtesy of Largehearted Boy:

Philadelphia Weekly

The Commentator

Chart Attack

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