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July 18, 2006

Word of the Day - SCABROUS

Is it just me or do you think movie reviewers read each other movie reviewer's work before writing their own. How else could you explain that at Rotten Tomatoes of the 6 reviews posted for Clerks II, 3 use the word SCABROUS. A word I have yet to come across until today.

In case there are more reviews up before you check this out the offenders are:

Justin Chang - Variety.com
Damon Wise - Empire Magazine
Emanuel Levy - Emanuellevy.com

I know this practice occurs in music reviews as well, where you see re-phrasing of elements of a band or CD that seem to come up again and again. It helps pigeonhole bands!

Lazy bastards, either that or they all have the same word-of-the-day desk calendar.

Posted by hypnobee at July 18, 2006 3:25 PM