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January 15, 2007

Public Service Announcement - Alpha Dog

As a public service to everyone I would like to ask that everyone please avoid seeing Alpha Dog. Go enjoy 2 hours of your life, do something worthwhile like watching paint dry or sleep.

This movie is an absolute disaster. So poorly written. So poorly acted, way over the top. So poorly directed. I've never wanted to have a remote control where I could hit fast forward as much as in this movie. Specifically the opening credits of old home movie which just seem to go on forever with Somewhere Over the Rainbow playing in the background. This achieves nothing because you don't know any of the characters. It would've worked much better as the closing credits if they were trying to pull at your heart strings.

The other scene which is just absolutely ridiculous is the cut-away scene where Sharon Stone in a fat suit is being interviewed by a documentary film maker, trying her best to win an Oscar. But it comes off more like that scene from The Mask with Jim Carey. It so unbelievably over acted and drawn out that it had me looking anywhere but the screen, it was sheer torture.

And now for the positive. There was 10 seconds of Citizen Cope's Bullet & a Target in the background of one scene. And that's it!

Posted by hypnobee at January 15, 2007 9:05 AM