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September 10, 2007

F Minus Blog

I'm becoming a bigger fan of Tony Carrillo's comic F Minus. He keeps a blog which is updated regularly, Spread the F Word where he gives you a behind the scenes glimpse of what sparked the idea for a comic and other F Minus related things.

My particular favourite though is when he responds to some of the hate mail he receives. And like anyone who's particularly funny, everything is fair game and nothing is sacred. So that means all kinds of people get offended. Most of the time as Tony elaborates, people are projecting on the comic and seeing things that aren't there or that they wished were there or just out right miss the joke. Here's the latest comic to come under fire.

I get.... Old people are like pets....Funny

not like this guy who totally loses it.

Now knowing that this comic upsets someone makes it even funnier to me. And what I love most is that along with a great response pointing out that their hate is misdirected he always follows it up with an older comic from the archives that further crosses the line that the person is upset about.

Keep up the good work Tony!

Do yourself a favour and get the just recently released first collection of F Minus.


Posted by hypnobee at September 10, 2007 9:25 PM