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May 22, 2008

It's Mrs. Crazy Now

A Comic By Mike Bannon

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I mentioned a while back that I was a finalist in Hallmark's Your Funny*ness contest and asked for you to check it out and vote if you had a chance. My card along with the other finalists will be available in all Hallmark Gold Crown stores in the middle of June (approx. 25 days).

Over at their blog they've posted some photos of the printed cards that are ready to be folded.

As part of the finalist rules you had to waive all rights and royalties for you card. Finalists were compensated with a one time cheque along with a chance to win the grand prize. I thought this was pretty awesome, though it would be nice to to get a royalty even if it was a penny a card just so you could see how well it sold.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw the volume of cards produced. Incredible.

Remember, you can vote once a day, everyday from now until August 31st. My Card is called "Fun at the Beach"

[Check it out and vote here]

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Posted by hypnobee at May 22, 2008 6:00 AM