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October 3, 2005

That New Car Smell - Actually Toxic

Apparently "That new car smell" is actually toxic. Japanese automakers are going to start toning it down the harmful odour.


If there isn't going to be a new car smell anymore I think they should replace it with something else. My vote would be for fresh leather...even if the car is upholstered. If everyone doesn't love the factory standard smell of fresh leather they can opt for the upgrade from the following List.

1. Fruit bouquet - Mmm...Fresh peaches and strawberries.
2. A Summer's Day - Everyday is summer in your new car.
3. The Eastern European - The smell of the old country, more acurately the smell of an old man who showers a little more than your average cat.
4. Chocolate - Can't beat the smell of chocolate, is your seatbelt tight? my seatbelt's tight.
5. Fast Food - It smells like you've just come through the drive- thru - available in Taco Bell, Mc Donalds or Curry-in-a-Hurry.

Posted by hypnobee at October 3, 2005 11:08 AM