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October 24, 2005

The World Series on Fox

This past weekend the World Series started, I'm not a huge baseball fan but I like to watch at least the World Series.

I know baseball isn't the most exciting game but the graphics and stupid gimmicks FOX piles on top make it almost unwatchable. It approaches videogame-like levels. And everyone knows that there's nothing more entertaining than watching a videogame being played by someone else.

The newest edition that I've seen (keep in mind I hardly watch an baseball...and if I do it's the Bluejays which are never on FOX)is the ridiculous strike zone box they put up on the screen. What the hell good is showing a rectangle on a screen when a ball is moving into the screen, THERE'S NO SENSE OF DEPTH!!! In addition to this in the world series they show you the movement on the ball in a graphics box on the side 2" drop 4" curve. I'm sure that's accurate and who the hell cares.

What really gets me going is all the stupid sound effects going on when stats come up on the screen. It's like watching a power point presentation put together by a bunch of 5 year-olds where every letter is presented with machine gun fire. Ohh that was a fast pitch maybe we should make a roaring sound behind it and a big thud when it hits the catcher's mit. And if that's not enough the pitch speed indicator bursts into flames every time the reliever throws a pitch.

Don't get me started on the constant pop ups advertising shows that are on FOX. I do not watch TBS for this same reason. I don't even like when stations put their watermark logo at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You wonder why people buy DVD's of TV shows, it's because they like watching their shows without constantly being harassed with advertisements.

I don't know about in the States but thankfully in Canada the MLB feed is broadcast on Sportsnet. It's barebones in terms of graphics but it's actually watchable.

Posted by hypnobee at October 24, 2005 6:27 AM